Nocera Jazz Festival, international event in Campania

The Nocera Jazz Festival 2024 is the unmissable international event in Campania dedicated to lovers of new jazz and multi-ethnic sounds.
A unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of music and experience days of sounds and rhythms under the stars this summer
The Nocera Jazz Festival is ready to return and confirm itself, as per tradition, one of the most important jazz centers in Campania. The second edition of this extraordinary event will begin on July 1st and end on July 25th and will take place in three different locations: the Castello Courtyard of Parco Fienga, the Cloister of the Diocesan Curia of the Monastery of Sant’Anna and the Churchyard of the Church of Sant’ Antonio in the suggestive setting of the city of Nocera Inferiore (Sa).

Under the artistic direction of Mario Berna, in collaboration with the Municipal Administration and Sofy Music, the Nocera Jazz Festival 2024 promises to give the public eight days of events, for eleven concerts, full of unmissable live appointments with artists from the United States, Brazil, Cape Verde/Portugal, Cuba, Italy.
The festival program is a celebration of the multi-ethnic sounds, colors, rhythms and voices that characterize contemporary jazz and world music.

The splendid settings of the concerts will be magical places where you can listen to pre- and post-concert DJ sets, discover and purchase records thanks to the rich display of vinyl records and taste cocktails in a unique atmosphere.

As with the first edition, the free concerts will all take place in the historic sites of the city: the Cloister of the Diocesan Curia Palace, the Monastery of Sant’Anna and the monumental stairs of the Churchyard of Sant’Antonio.
Only the concerts that take place in the Courtyard of the Castle of the Park will be paid. More info here.

«We are happy to give impetus to the second edition of the Nocera Jazz Festival, which we established last year and which we confirm for 2024 with a program of international importance. We are sure that our sites of historical-archaeological interest, which will host the concerts, will not be a simple setting but a testimony of our history and an opportunity to concretely enhance places that tell our identity” declares Mayor Paolo De Maio.

Before each concert the public, by joining in advance, will be able to take part in the guided tours of the monuments established for the occasion.
For the concerts at the Fienga Park Castle, visits will take place from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm thanks to the volunteers of the Ridiamo Vita al Castello association.
For the concert at the monumental stairs of Sant’Antonio, visits will take place at the Provincial Archaeological Museum of Agro Nocerino, at the Convent of Sant’Antonio, and at the art gallery, from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm, thanks to the volunteers of the Noukrìa and Urbe associations.
For the concert at the Monastery of Sant’Anna, visits will take place from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm, with volunteers from the Archeoclub Nuceria Alfaterna association.
Also for the concert in the courtyard of the Diocesan Curia, visits to the “San Prisco” diocesan museum are planned, from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm, thanks to the volunteers of the associations mentioned and with the director Salvatore Alfano.

Among the stellar artists who will perform on the festival stage, trumpeter Jeremy Pelt stands out, considered one of the most promising talents on the American jazz scene. Alongside him will be the talented saxophonist James Brandon Lewis and the virtuoso pianist Christian Sands, who will bring the new sounds of contemporary jazz to the public. (Monday 01 July at the Courtyard of the Castle of the Park starting at 9.00 pm – ticket €20 including advance sales)

The music of the world will instead be represented by the extraordinary Portuguese singer of Cape Verdean origin, Carmen Souza who will enchant the audience with her charisma and her warm and engaging voice. (Wednesday 03 July at the Churchyard of Sant’Antonio starting at 9.00 pm – free entry upon reservation while places last).
The Cuban evening with the extraordinary rising star cellist Ana Carla Maza and the virtuoso pianist Omar Sosa with the percussionist Ernestico. An exceptional pianist, Omar Sosa is a musical polyglot, capable of breaking down any frontier with his art. Of Cuban descent, Sosa celebrates the diversity of music’s souls, always cultivating an intimate connection with his Afro-Cuban roots. (Sunday 7 July at the Courtyard of the Castle of the Park starting at 9.00 pm – ticket €25 including advance sales).

The evening dedicated to Brazil will feature the quartet of Philippe Baden Powell, son of the legendary Baden Powell, who will perform together with the Brazilian Quartet special guest Jacques & Paula Morrenbaum and Dea Gil, singer-songwriter, actress and model originally from Sao Paulo accompanied by the guitar by Raul Balardin, from Mauricio Melo’s drums with special guest the percussionist Neney Santos.
Jacques & Paula Morrenbaum are two incredible artists who notably joined Antonio Carlos Jobim’s group. Jaques has countless collaborations with different artists such as Sting, Sakamoto, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and also has a project under his name “Cello Samba Trio”. Paula travels the world to perform the MPB repertoire with excellence. (Friday 12 July at the Courtyard of the Castle of the Park starting at 9.00 pm – ticket €20 including advance sales).
James Brandon Lewis is a saxophonist, composer, considered among the most creative young talents of African-American jazz. Born in Buffalo, New York, in 1983, Lewis has achieved solid artistic maturity by studying all phases of contemporary American music, from gospel to fusion, from rap to free jazz. He was a member first of the orchestra and then of the Christian McBride trio, as well as having worked with artists of the caliber of Gregory Porter, Geri Allen, Esperanza Spaulding and many others. In Nocera he will perform in a trio with Josh Werner on electric bass and Chad Taylor on drums (Saturday 13 July at the Cortile Curia Diocesana starting at 9.00 pm – free entry upon reservation while places last).

Christian Sands establishes himself as a band leader and protagonist of the contemporary jazz scene, bringing an unprecedented look to the entire language of jazz. (Tuesday 16 July at the Cortile del Castello del Parco starting at 9.00 pm – ticket €20 including advance sales).

The Italian pianist Francesca Tandoi, who is enjoying great success in Europe and the United States, will instead be the protagonist of an unforgettable concert under the stars of the Monastery of Sant’Anna. Her virtuosic technique and artistic sensitivity will conquer the audience. Tandoi is one of the most interesting talents on the international jazz scene. Her performances (here accompanied by Stefano Senni on bass and Giovanni Campanella on drums) have been defined several times as “an explosion of swing” and her pianism energetic and elegant at the same time. (Saturday 20 July at the Monastery of Sant’Anna starting at 9.00 pm – free entry upon reservation while places last).

The event will end on July 25th with an exceptional evening, in which the soul pop singer Judith Hill will perform a concert that will range between jazz, soul and pop. Hill, already alongside legends such as Prince and Michael Jackson, will give the audience an unforgettable musical experience. (Thursday 25 July at the Cortile del Castello del Parco starting at 9.00 pm – ticket €25 including advance sales).

“Jazz is the music of change. Elusive and immense, jazz continues to change, to evolve. Therefore, like a phoenix, jazz cyclically rises from its ashes, absorbing and reworking the influences that arrive from every corner of the planet in real time. Some of the most interesting sounds of today’s jazz come from places other than the more usual American or European origin and it is right to give this incipit to the second edition of NJF – New sounds of contemporary jazz and the music of the world.
The program is rich in sounds, rhythms and colors ranging from new New York jazz, to Africa, through revisited Brazilian popular music, to Cuba with extraordinary artists up to the neo soul funk of the closing evening. Three wonderful free concerts in places of great historical beauty, evenings at the Castle under the stars, DJ sets, vinyl exhibition, cocktail bar, for a summer full of music.
I thank the mayor Paolo De Maio and the municipal administration for renewing their trust in me for the new 2024 edition, hoping that this line up satisfies every musical taste.” – declares Mario Berna artistic director of NJF 2024.

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