Basket Club Lucca confirms captain Andrea Barsanti

Coach, assistants, staff and now the time has come for the Basketball Club Lucca to put on the table the cards with which it intends to play the next 2024-2025 season. The card chosen to start playing is the 9 of coins, but it is perhaps better to say the first confirmation. So the first name that comes up is that of the striker, one of those players who is much better to have in the team than to find him in front of you. He has worn the captain’s armband of the Bcl for some years now, and his name is a guarantee of success, we are talking about the stainless Andrea Barsanti, one of the best players in the inter-regional Serie B championship. with a decidedly enviable basketball past behind him. Andrea is not surprised, but very happy, yes, happy to be able to wear the Bcl uniform for next season too: “Still being on the field for me is life, I’m 38 years old and inevitably this little game will end, we will have to surrender to mother nature and I know I will miss him very much. Today I enjoy every moment 100 percent, every training session and match and I can’t help but thank the Bcl for the renewed trust given to me.”

Andrea is a player who has seen a lot: “Since I started playing, basketball has changed a lot, it has become much faster and three-point shooting has grown a lot, now even big men shoot from outside and this is a good for the game and the entertainment, after some unsuccessful attempts at the beginning of my career to get myself to play as a point guard, I moved on to specialize in the six-metre shot, becoming a winger.”

“In the team I am the oldest – many young and very young players play alongside me, but for me it is not a problem, in fact it is an exceptional incentive to play and always try to do so at the highest levels, I certainly have a greater expenditure of energy than to the boys, but their closeness has the effect of fuel on the fire, it supercharges me for next year I’m already full of energy, last season we had a great championship, we realized that even just one episode would have been enough. and today we will tell a completely different story, this thing has left a bit of bitterness and the desire to try again is enormous”.

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