the plane can’t take off, all because of a phone call

the plane can’t take off, all because of a phone call
the plane can’t take off, all because of a phone call

“Stop everything, I have to go down“: the passenger of a flight departing from Turin Caselle For Madrid he asked to return to the mainland as the plane was about to take off after receiving a phone call from his girlfriend. “Don’t leave, stay with me,” she allegedly told him. And he, apparently, wouldn’t have to be told twice. The flight, of the Iberia company, departing at 12pm from Turin and scheduled to arrive at 2.20pm in Madrid, was already on the runway in the taxiing phase, with the engines running, ready to maneuver to take off, when the man stopped everything.

The hostesses, who at that moment were busy explaining the safety maneuvers, were also taken by surprise. The passenger, in any case, managed to disembark. And this caused a delay to the flight, although not excessive, and some inconveniences. “Everything happened in complete tranquility – explained Sagat, the company that manages the Turin airport -. Obviously this requires timing. Since it was a his right, the passenger was not fined.”

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According to some witnesses, at first there was a small argument between the man and the crew. In the end, however, it was decided to let him go down also because of his nervousness, which could have represented a problem for flight safety. The delay was about an hour. And so the arrival in Madrid is postponed to 3.20pm.

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