BAD WEATHER: exceptionally heavy rain expected in Emilia-Romagna until Tuesday

Cold drop breaking through in the next few hours on our northern regions and part of the center with marked instability and even intense phenomena between Lombardy, central Liguria, Tuscany, lower Piedmont and lower Veneto.
In the rest of the north, phenomena are more scattered and interspersed with long dry moments, as in the rest of the centre.
Here is the distribution of the phenomena in the first phase, that is, between tonight and Sunday afternoon:

The position of the vortex will constantly attract humid air from the SE along the Adriatic, enhancing the phenomenology close to Emilia-Romagna, also thanks to the stau effect induced by the presence of the Apennines. And it is in fact here that the phenomena will strike in a more convinced, continuous, even dangerous way, as these maps eloquently show:

The one above highlights the accumulations (in red even over 70mm) expected between Sunday evening and Monday midday, the most worrying are expected in the Ravenna area, in the Modena area and in the Reggio Emilia area, but the next map further increases the dose in the Modena area, which would be the most affected province overall until Tuesday morning:

The cold vortex will exhaust its action by Wednesday evening, then the heat will return, but between Friday and Sunday the north could be hit by new storm surges.

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