Black Angels Perugia Volley SD a RL, the new company name

Black Angels Perugia Volley SD a RL, the new company name
Black Angels Perugia Volley SD a RL, the new company name

Black Angels Perugia Volley SD a RL, here is the new name of the company

The summer of Bartoccini Fortinfissi Perugia starts with something new. While waiting to complete the roster with one last piece, the company chaired by President Antonio Bartoccini changes its name. From “WEALTH PLANET PERUGIA VOLLEY SSD a RL” the club will be called “BLACK ANGELS PERUGIA VOLLEY SD a RL”. The club’s top manager explains this choice like this:

“This change of name, which comes after the logo at the beginning of last season, serves to give an even more marked and decisive identity – states Antonio Bartoccini -. The historic name Wealth Planet will no longer exist, the company will now take the name of Black Angels Perugia Volley. Obviously the commercial name will be different, the name of the partnership will change.”

The Bartoccini Fortinfissi Perugia, while maintaining a well-defined identity distinguished, continues to renew itself year after year. As regards the construction of the roster for the 2024/2025 A1 season, it was instead chosen to confirm the technical staff and some of the athletes from last year by integrating them with new faces.

“Let’s say we focused on a mix of experience and youth. There are some girls left from last season who certainly give us guarantees because we already know them or because they have already played in the top category, as in the case of Sirressi, who guarantees us great solidity in the second line.

We then looked players who already had experience in A1, like Ungureanu and Nemeth with Pinerolo and Gardini already a year with us and last season with Vallefoglia, and others who are particularly young like Cekulaev with whom we can think of building a futuristic path. These girls are also in their national teams and can definitely give us a big help. The average age is generally very low and we are satisfied with the squad that is emerging.”

On the objective, the President remains with his feet firmly on the ground…

“The A1 championship is divided into two sections. There are four teams, which in this case are Conegliano, Milan, Novara and Scandicci, which have a much higher level than the others. Chieri could also be included in this group, who has shown excellent things in recent years. Then there are all the others, including us.

In this second group there is balance and we can play with everyone. However, the first thought must undoubtedly be the achievement of salvation. We can’t afford flights of fancy right now.

If we are good and a better placement comes, we will welcome it with open arms. At this moment, however, we need to be clear-headed and realistic and we must say that our goal is to remain in A1.”

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