that’s where the air is most polluted

New measures of the Common against thepollution of theair in the city, aggravated by Saharan dust carried by the last African anticyclone and by the fires facilitated by the intense heat. The findings of theHarp on concentration levels PM10 values ​​were recorded on Friday 21 June out of limits in all the control units and so there it is new determination management of Commonsigned today Saturday 22 June, which he recommends cautionespecially at fragile population.

That’s where the air is most polluted

The limit of fine dust PM10 inhalable (for the regulation 50 micrograms per cubic meter) was passed in all 13 control units distributed in the city. An escalation that starts from Malagrotta (55) and continues Guido Castle (57), Villa Ada (67), Stop (69), Cinecittà (70), Bufalotta And Cyprus (71), Magna Graecia (72), France course (73), Largo Preneste (75), Arenula (76), Knight’s Estate (78) and finally Tiburtina (87). For the next few days, the Municipality writes in its provision, the modeling projections “indicate a condition in Rome without critical issues relating to the emission contribution from anthropic sources” or product of human activities such as traffic or industrial activities. The problem, however, remains the «contribution of desert dust: an intense phenomenon of transport Of particulate matter long distance which is affecting the entire territory of the city of Rome”.

The risks for the fragile

As the experts explain, the damage to health for those who breathe this type of pollutants should not be underestimated and the Municipality in fact reiterates them by writing that they can occur «effects both chronic and acute health care, especially for therespiratory system And cardio-circulatory». They are therefore renewed recommendations which the Romans now know well, given that cyclically also due to extreme weather conditions the Municipality is forced to take action: the advice is therefore to reduce the use of cars and contribute to the reduction of the vehicles circulating and, as regards fragile subjects, especially children, elderly people, pregnant women and people with pathologies, of limit exposure prolonged toopen air.

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