the alleged killer is the father-in-law

the alleged killer is the father-in-law
the alleged killer is the father-in-law

The family quarrel resulted in murder in Vico del Gargano, in the province of Foggia. The victim is a 39-year-old man: he worked as a worker in a construction company and was known for his commitment as a civil protection volunteer.

Davide Mastromatteo in a photo on Facebook

He was called Davide Mastromatteo and the man killed on Friday 21 June in his home in. was a 39-year-old worker Vico del Gargano (Foggia). It would seem that he was killed with a rifle shot during a dispute over family matters the father-in-lawa 66 year old pensioner, former employee of Arif (regional agency for irrigation and forestry activities) who was arrested by the Foggia police.

The family quarrel and the shooting in Vico del Gargano

The victim was a construction worker and was also involved as a volunteer in the local civil protection, shocked by what happened like the entire town of Vico del Gargano. According to a reconstruction by the investigators, yesterday afternoon there was an argument in the victim’s apartment, in the Mannarelle area on the outskirts of Vico del Gargano, and the pensioner shot his son-in-law with a legally owned rifle.

118 intervened immediately but there was nothing that could be done for the man. Investigations to ascertain the motive are still ongoing.

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Davide Mastromatteo in a photo on Facebook

The memory of Davide Mastromatteo: “He was a very good boy”

“Davide was a very good boy. The news shocked us all. For three years he had been an associate of ours, a volunteer of our civil protection association”, the words of a colleague of the victim, head of the Puglia green jackets association of which he belonged the 39 year old. “He was always among the first to intervene when there was an emergency. He was always a correct person – the colleague still remembers – sociable, easy-going and available. I never met his family and I don’t know if he had problems or if there were were frictions within the family unit. I only know that we will greatly miss his presence, his availability and his way of being”.

He also spoke about the victim and his arrested father-in-law the mayor Raffaele Scicio: “I know both families – he said – they are respectable people, integrated into our community. There had never been any problem. I also know his father-in-law, retired a couple of years ago and first employee of the Regional Activities Agency irrigation and forestry. I really don’t know what could have happened.”

And then on Facebook the mayor added that he was shocked “but also angry, demoralized: we are committed to raising awareness in our community against violence of all kinds then we find a young father killed in this barbaric way”.

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