Salerno, Giagiù is the pizzeria similar to a frescoed landscape

From Via Velia to Lungomare Trieste, the transfer to what was the Sala Varese of Palazzo Natella took place last February and with the same intensity of bookings. The Giagiù pizzeria reconfirms itself as a solid point in the city of Salerno, in the panorama of quality pizzerias that carry forward the philosophy of the product made in the South and impeccable dining room service, almost like a haute cuisine restaurant.

Cheerful, colourful, stylish and with a large open cellar (yes, because today pizza goes well with wines and bubbles), Giagiù is the pizzeria managed by master pizza chef Ciro Pecoraro, together with partners Giancarlo Manzo and Andrea Giannattasio. This pizzeria offers not just a meal, but a complete experience that combines gastronomy with the discovery of the area, its agricultural traditions, the products of eight regions of Southern Italy and some ancient customs, which thanks to pizza can come back into vogue .

The name recalls the typical yellow Vesuvius tomato, a native variety that had been lost since it was supplanted by the red Piennolo tomato, whose flavor is delicate and sweet, with a light acidity that gives freshness. It is less acidic than red tomatoes, making it ideal for those looking for a sweeter, less intense flavor. This is what we read on the central wall of the room, in a beautiful red and beige medallion: “One day a farmer from the Vesuvian area, among the classic red piennolo plants, found a yellow cherry tomato plant and thought of giving this unusual golden apple the name of his granddaughter Giulia. Hence “Julia’s yellow” or more simply Giagiù”.

This golden fruit is the protagonist of some pizzas on the menu, but it can also become the base on which to place fried foods and other delicacies. Giagiù could be renamed as “Embassy of the South”, a pizzeria that goes beyond simple catering, representing a true ambassador of southern culture and tradition. The excellent quality of the ingredients, the attention to detail and the unique atmosphere make staying here an experience worth trying. Ideal for those who want to immerse themselves in the authentic flavors of the South and discover the gastronomic riches of the Salerno area.

The staff is welcoming and knowledgeable, always ready to tell the stories behind each dish and recommend the best pairings with regional wines and craft beers. The passion for southern culture shines through in every gesture and word. Every bite of the scented, fragrant pizza with a clearly visible crust is a journey through authentic flavours, the flour is stone ground, guaranteeing a light, meltable and digestible dough thanks to the long leavening.

Pecoraro underlines: “My dough comes from years of experimentation and is the result of a blend of raw flours, maturation times, high hydration and cooking temperature; procedures all meticulously studied in every detail. The result is a pizza with a slightly pronounced crust, a soft soul, more similar to a frescoed landscape, to a story handed down for centuries. My pizzas bring to life the myriad cultural influences that have pervaded the Mediterranean, from Magna Graecia to the more recent past. If I had to define my work with a noun, I could only choose the word care”.

And in fact even the names are chosen with care, they stimulate the imagination of the diner, they enhance the memories, they evoke the history learned at school as for Pythagoras, Homage to the King, the 18th century Neapolitan, Apulia 1956. The invitation is to equip yourself of scissors placed on the table to cut the pizza, but the slice is so elastic that the hands are more than enough and the tasting of “Giagiù: Il Sogno” begins, but also the spontaneous question: “Am I eating a pizza or sipping a espresso? Yes, because the pizza, created thanks to the suggestion of a dream, is stuffed with Giagiù confit yellow cherry tomato, Sicilian pecorino DOP, fiordilatte from Jersey cows, pancetta from Vallo di Diano, extra virgin olive oil from Cilento and coffee powder and air from the same at the exit spoonfuls are placed in the center of the pizza directly from a giant Neapolitan Moka.

At the first bite, you perceive the delicacy of the mixture and the sweetness of the yellow cherry tomatoes, followed by the creaminess of the fiordilatte that envelops the palate. The crispy bacon and pecorino add depth and intensity, while the toasted and slightly bitter notes of the coffee emerge as an intriguing contrast, completing the sensorial picture with an aromatic and persistent finish. Coffee air is a light foam that infuses a delicate coffee aroma, adding a unique olfactory dimension to the pizza. Furthermore, some of these ingredients, in purity, arrive on a miniature pizza rectangle, a tile, before the actual pizza, to make those who taste it understand what they will find on the leavened disc.

We also recommend tasting the Nerano pasta omelette and the crunchy Canapaccio, a dairy product with a compact but creamy consistency, obtained from buffalo milk with the aid of innovative techniques, with smoky notes obtained from a series of passages in cloth hemp which ends with cold treatment in the white fumes of straw from the Cilentan lands. The dairy product is breaded and fried and placed on a yellow cherry tomato cream and garnished with a sweet and sour green tomato sauce and notes of ginger, drops of onion jam and Malvasia. These dishes can be paired with a Sardinian craft beer “Mutta Affumiada” from the Cagliari Brewery, born from the perfect combination of smoked malt and dried myrtle berries, which make it interesting and easily admissible. The notes of myrtle, with a herbaceous and slightly balsamic scent, are perceptible in the second phase of drinking.

Before leaving, but with the desire to return soon to live new southern experiences, the “TiramiSud” is unmissable, a tiramisu in a jar revisited with cocoa powder, crunchy Modica chocolate crust, buffalo ricotta cream and biscuit Castellammare di Stabia bathed in coffee. “When you go to Giagiù you cry twice: when you arrive and when you leave”, certainly without regrets.

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