At R2B (Bologna 26/27 June) we talk about energy for homes, mobility and agriculture

How to make buildings energy efficient, how a company can participate in a renewable energy community, two workshops on mobility with a focus on E-Fuel, biofuels, hydrogen and decarbonisation. These are some of the events of the international exhibition of research and high skills for innovation. Appointment at Bologna Fiere from 26 to 27 June 2024.

Construction: 40% of energy consumption, 36% climate-changing emissions

The construction sector represents the 40% of energy consumption and it’s responsible for 36% of climate-changing emissions. Data that makes theenergy efficiency of buildings to achieve decarbonisation objectives.

The condominium in Scandiano that self-produces energy

The correct synergy of institutions, research bodies and companies can transform the redevelopment of the building heritage into opportunities also from an economic point of view. This is what we read in the workshop presentation Towards a zero-emission building stock: policies and best practices. Appointment on June 27th from 11 – 11.50am at the R2B Building and Constructions Arena. Click on the link by program and speakers.

The other workshop on the topic is dedicated to Integrated redevelopment of buildings: energy efficiency, comfort and structural safety which will be held on June 26th from 2pm to 2.50pm. Click here for the programme.

Business participation in energy communities

On June 26th theenergy community helpdesk renewables managed by Art-ER for the Emilia-Romagna Region, meets companies interested in learning more on the topic.

During the personalized meetings, organized in collaboration with Unioncamere and the chambers of commerce of Emilia-Romagna, the experts will provide detailed information on the Cers, their functioning and the incentives available.

Before the meetings, a workshop on ed perspectives is planned opportunities of energy communities (plan). To participate in the meetings you must register by filling out the form (click on the link) by 1pm on June 25th.

Marine renewables, energy for mobility, agricultural decarbonisation

On the 26th from 3pm to 3.50pm The skills of the future for the development of the manufacturing sector marine renewables (plan).

Energy and mobility in the two workshops E-Fuel and Biofuels for the future of mobility – Sustainable developments in the transport sector on June 26th from 3pm to 3.50pm (plan) And The future of mobility, through the implementation of the hydrogen carrier on June 27th from 4pm to 4.50pm (plan).

Climate and agronomic challenges: solutions for sustainability is the title of the meeting (26 June 2pm/2.50pm) dedicated to efficiency in the use of resources and resilience to climate change in agriculture. As? “Through varietal selection processes, sensor and agrivoltaic validation, the quality and management of crops will be optimized from a more sustainable perspective. This is a challenge that involves all the players in the agri-food chain in order to promote the decarbonisation of the sector.

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