Everything is ready for the eleventh edition of the “Lamezia International Film Fest”: the program presented

Everything is ready for the eleventh edition of the “Lamezia International Film Fest”: the program presented
Everything is ready for the eleventh edition of the “Lamezia International Film Fest”: the program presented

At the start, in Lamezia Terme, the eleventh edition of the “Lamezia International Film Fest” edited by the film critic Gianlorenzo Franzì. Program full of screenings, debates and nationally renowned guests. The review, which will be inaugurated by Morgan, born Marco Castoldi, will start on July 15th and will continue for five days until July 20th. The presence of nationally renowned artists is expected starting from Giulio Base, Andrea di Consoli, Claudia Kovacs, Giuseppe Smorto, Claudio Bisio, Toni Servillo, Abel Ferrara and Peter Grenaway. At the presentation press conference together with Franzì were the organizational director Valentina Archetta, the mayor of Lamezia Paolo Mascaro, the President of Trame, the ongoing anti-mafia book festival, Nuccio Iovene.

Franzì explained that this year the festival will be even richer: «We have decided to expand and extend ourselves – he said – also collaborating with other cultural realities of Lamezia such as Trame. The program is quite full of films, including unreleased ones that have not yet been distributed in cinemas. We have foreseen the three distinctive sections, Colpo d’occhio, Esordi d’Autore and Visioni Notturne as well as various productions of the Calabria Film Commission. We are going beyond Calabria also because it is our own region that is becoming an important location for various national and international film productions».

Cinema and Calabria therefore as a combination which, perhaps unexpectedly, in recent years is becoming a launching pad for a new cultural perspective. TOThe Festival also included the important collaboration of the Reportage Association of the journalist and publisher, Annamaria Persico. responsible for various activities over the five days of the event.

The mayor is satisfied Paolo Mascaro for whom «today Lamezia is the capital of southern cinema. An extraordinary synergy is being built between public and private. This Festival will also visit various places in the city, offering a positive image of Lamezia. This time – Mascaro then underlined – the collaboration between the two initiatives allows us to connect two important realities”.

Also Nuccio Iovane highlighted the importance of the partnership between Trame and Liff. «There has been talk many times – said Iovene – about the inability to network in the third sector. Today we are finally doing it with cultural initiatives of a certain importance.”

Annamaria Persico for her part announced the initiatives that the Reportage association will carry out during the days of the Festival. With Teresa Matera’s book, a digital storytelling will be created which will lead from the historic center to the Mulino delle Fate with the accompanying voice of the Fairy Gelsomina. Also during the LIFF days, an international literary competition dedicated to Franco Costabile will be announced and the Nautilus prize will also be presented.

The program of the Lamezia International Film Fest 11

Monday 15 July

5.30pm Sala Giardini 1, Author debuts “I am Tony Scott”, by Franco Maresco
7.00pm live musical opening with Santino Cardamone
to follow: Ligeia Award: meeting with Marco Morgan Castoldi
Special Event: Presentation of the book “The rose in the glass”, with Luigi Tassone, Giovanni Mazzei
to follow: “Traces” competition, by Dubravka Turic
Night Visions “Home Education”, by Andrea Niada

Tuesday 16 July

5.30pm Sala Giardini 1, Author debuts “The heart is deceptive”, by Asia Argento
5.30pm Dubbing Masterclass (organized by the Acting School of Calabria): Pasquale Anselmo
7.30pm Ligeia Prize, meeting with Asia Argento, Franco Maresco
meeting with Filippo Carlo Jacopo Mazzarella,
followed by “The Darking Way” competition, by Zsolt Pozsgal, meeting with Claudia Kovacs
Night Visions “Hatching the shape of evil”, by Hanna Bergholm

Wednesday 17 July

5.30pm Sala Giardini 1, Cinema di Calabria, Giotto/Leggera/Ancella d’Amore
18.00 Acting masterclass curated by the Calabria Acting School): Giorgio Colangeli
7.30pm Ligeia Web Award, meeting with Sio, Giuseppe “Mandrake” Ninno
short film screening IC Manzoni: “Where do toys come from?”
followed by Competition: “Ecos”, by Tommy Uorens
Night Visions: “Terrifier”, by Damien Leone

Thursday 18 July

5.30pm Sala Giardini 1, Special Event, “Fritti dalle stelle”, by Marco Lombardi
Presentation of the book “Veg In Black”, by Vegnarok
18.00 Acting masterclass curated by the Calabria acting school). Giorgio Colangeli
7.30pm Cinegustologia, meeting with Marco Lombardi
Meeting with Carlo Gallo
followed by the Special Event “Lux Santa”, by Matteo Russo
“Ethical Intertwining”, by Lorenzo Malavolta, Lucia Mauri

Friday 19 July

10.30 Piazza Mazzini, Special Event: “Storytelling and tradition”
5.30pm Sala Giardini 1, Author debuts “The serum of the vanities”, by Alex Infascelli
7.30pm Ligeia Prize: meeting with Giuseppe Smorto, Daniela Porto
presentation of the book “Dimenticami Dopodomani”, by Andrea Di Consoli, meeting with the author 8.00pm Special Trame Festival: “Semidel”, by Fabio Mallo
followed by Competition, short films

Saturday 20 July

5.30pm Sala Giardini 1, Author debuts, “Poliziotti”, by Giulio Base
7.00 pm Municipal Library, Colpo D’Occhio award ceremony
Nastri d’Argento Award Ceremony (in collaboration with Trame Festival)
to follow: Ligeia Prize: meeting with Claudio Bisio, Giulio Base, Cristiano Bortone
to follow Closing event: “my place is here”, by Cristiano Bortone and Daniela Porto

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