one hundred municipalities to vote on Sunday and Monday. The Meloni-Schlein challenge

one hundred municipalities to vote on Sunday and Monday. The Meloni-Schlein challenge
one hundred municipalities to vote on Sunday and Monday. The Meloni-Schlein challenge

This too will be, once again, a great referendum between the main duelists of Italian politics. Elly Schlein vs Giorgia Meloni.

The arch-rivals at the helm of the Pd and Fratelli d’Italia will be measured and weighed this Sunday and Monday in the municipal run-offs. Key event, two weeks after the elections which showed the two leading parties of the centre-right and the broad progressive camp in excellent shape.

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The appointment

Sunday the polls will remain open until 11pm and then reopen on Monday at 7am and close at 3pm when the counting of ballots will begin immediately. One hundred and one municipalities will be called to vote. Among these, strongholds disputed and coveted by party secretaries. Perugia and Potenza, Campobasso, Lecce, Vercelli. Fourteen provincial capitals in total up for grabs in the second round of the administrative elections. However, the spotlight of the last electoral challenge before the summer is on two: Florence and Bari.

The challenge in Florence

In the Tuscan capital, the Democratic Party candidate Sara Funaro, already supported by Avs, Più Europa and Azione in the first round, from which she came out in the lead with 42 percent, and on the other Eike Schmidt, former director, are competing for Palazzo Vecchio on one side. of the Uffizi launched in the race by Fratelli d’Italia.

Highly anticipated duel, this, and after all it’s always like this for the red stronghold which for the centre-right it is a dream to conquer and for the left a duty to defend tight-lipped. Hard-fought match, but not an easy one for the majority in government. If Matteo Renzi left “freedom to vote” to him in the second round, Giuseppe Conte’s Five Star Movement announced the vote in favor of Funaro.

The duel in Bari

High tension also for the match in Bari, a city led until now by Antonio Decaro, mayor candidate and elected in the EU with the Democratic Party and half a million preferences, shaken in recent months by investigations and judicial scandals involving the council. Vote to keep an eye on, the one in the Apulian capital, especially to glimpse the future wide field which in the second round, unlike the first, will regroup: the five-star candidate Michele Laforgia has in fact decided to support the dem Vito Leccese who almost grabbed victory two weeks ago, touching 48 percent. Lega, FdI and Forza Italia will instead be united on the candidacy of Fabio Romito.

It won’t be a secondary election, that’s for sure. This perhaps explains the rush to the final roll calls, “every vote counts” Prime Minister Meloni said again yesterday with a video posted on social media and the mobilization is also maximum on the left. Schlein ended his tour in the square with Funaro in Florence, while Conte ended his tour in San Giovanni Rotondo, in Puglia.


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