“But there are potential buyers and they will be entitled to refreshments”

“But there are potential buyers and they will be entitled to refreshments”
“But there are potential buyers and they will be entitled to refreshments”

Fratta Terme, although with the spa currently closed, celebrated the Celeste Night in Piazzale Colitto on Friday evening, the event promoted by the Emilia-Romagna Region to celebrate the value and rich offer of wellness of the spa centers in the area. The varied program of initiatives also saw the presence of the regional councilor for Tourism Andrea Corsini who presented his book “Fra la gente” (Ed. Minerva).

Together with him also the mayor of Bertinoro Gessica Allegni. Moderated by the journalist Fabio Campanella, editor in chief of ForlìToday, the two guests covered various topics: from tourism in Emilia-Romagna, with an insight into the history of pioneering tourism on the Riviera thanks to Corsini’s childhood memories, to the spa tourism protagonist of a long transition towards a modern tourist offer. There was no shortage of references to the next regional elections and, in front of the Fratta public, updates on the local spa structure.

The spa in Fratta, already in difficulty and with an agreement with creditors pending in court, unfortunately suffered damage of over two million euros to the facilities with last year’s flood. But there is no shortage of positive aspects, as Mayor Allegni explained: “Thanks to a long dialogue with the court and the commissioner structure for reconstruction, the right of a future buyer to apply to obtain the compensation provided by the State has been established ”. The process involved a recent public auction procedure which was once again unsuccessful. A lowering of the starting bid in the coming months could bring private entities interested in relaunching the historic spa hotel into the field.

The Terme della Fratta suffered enormous damage from the flood, estimated at around 2 million euros. The flooding of the Rio Salso flooded almost all the thermal water wells with water and mud, all those present in the Park. Only the well in Piazza Colitto was spared. All the technical rooms of the spa facilities were affected, making them unusable. The interventions were immediate due to the utmost urgency, in agreement between the municipality and the court (since the spa complex was under an agreement). To date, all the rooms are free from mud and water.

Allegni explains: “We have dealt with two absolute priorities so far: guaranteeing social safety nets for employees and accelerating the actions to proceed with the auctions by the Court for the sale of the spa complex within the timescales set by the Concordat. In this sense the The Creditors’ Committee has authorized the liquidator to proceed with all the technical tasks necessary to publish the auctions, as well as authorized the request for redundancy payments for employees. For the territory, this structure is essential for the tourist and spa offer, and must leave quickly.”

Tourism councilor Andrea Corsini himself underlined the commitment in this sense from the Fratta stage. Allegni again: “We are at the creditors’ table, as unsecured creditors, I participated in all the tables, keeping the point on the importance of the restart of the spa which is the most important accommodation facility of a municipality which has its greatest source in tourism great engine of growth and development. We also moved towards the commissioner structure, which I thanked a few days ago, in the figure of Commissioner Figliuolo met in Cesena, because he clarified that the funds for the reconstruction will have to go to the future owner, binding them to the maintenance of the thermal vocation of the structure”.

So far, three auctions have been published and all failed. The court will probably publish another one in July and if it is deserted, also one in September, taking into account the fact that there have been offers in the meantime and therefore there is interest. Allegni concludes: “We are confident that, hopefully within the year, the structure can finally be sold. The Municipality will continue to do its part, both in this phase and subsequently, so that Fratta can return to having its Spas alive and active, returning to the territory a center which for years has been a point of reference for tourism linked to health and well-being, continuing to invest in all-round cultural projects which enhance the excellence of an entire territory”.

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