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LJUBLJANA (SLOVENIA) – The first part of the book is coming to an end Nations Leaguewith Fefé De Giorgi’s Italvolleyalready certain of both the Olympic pass and the qualification for the Final Eight of the tournament, which faces the hosts of the Slovenia with several second lines, but with the desire not to give up second place, which is very important in view of the Paris draw.


Precedents in favor of the Azzurri

Cebulj and his teammates are first in the standings, but in terms of number of victories they would be behind the Azzurri, who in the most recent precedents boast a clear run of five consecutive victories over Slovenia.


Velasco chooses young people, but the result counts

With Olympic qualification in his pocket and access to the Nations League Final Eight already certified, Velasco spares the big names and gives space and trust to the young people. The result of the match against Slovenia, however, will not be irrelevant, because the Azzurri are called upon to defend second place in the Ranking in order to appear as seeded in the Paris draw.


Everything is ready for Slovenia-Italy

Everything is ready at the Stozice Arena for the match between Fefè De Giorgi’s Italy and the hosts Slovenia, surprise first in the standings in this phase of the Nations League.

Arena Stozice Ljubljana (Slovenia)

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