Armed robbery in the nightlife traffic of Chiaia, 24-year-old arrested

The Carabinieri of the Company of Naples Center have carried out a precautionary custody order in prison issued by the GIP of the local Court, at the request of the Neapolitan prosecutor’s office, against a 24 year old from Herculaneum clean record.

The man is considered seriously suspected of having committed a crime armed robberyin competition with three other accomplices still being identified.

From the investigative activity of the Carabinieri of the Chiaia stationcoordinated by the local prosecutor’s office, the suspect, on the night of last April 20th, took advantage of the intense traffic that characterizes via Riviera di Chiaia over the weekend and, together with 3 other people, surrounded the car of a young man heading to Pozzuoli.

The four, threatening the victim with a knife and after repeatedly punching the windshield and bodywork of the car, allegedly had the smartphone and a purse with money and personal effects inside and then walk away.

The investigations carried out through the analysis of the various video surveillance images made it possible to locate and identify today’s arrestee.

The measure carried out is one precautionary measureordered during preliminary investigations, against which appeals are permitted, and the recipient of the same is a person subjected to investigations and therefore presumed innocent until the final sentence.

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