Relaunch of the Socialist party in Abruzzo

PESCARA – On 20 June, the meeting of the Regional Steering Committee of the Italian Socialist Party (PSI) was held in Pescara, which examined the national and regional political situation and outlined an organizational program aimed at relaunching the presence of socialists in Abruzzo society.

The committee expressed considerable satisfaction with the recent reappearance of the Socialist Party symbol in the , regional and administrative consultations in Pescara. In particular, the symbol was present in the “United States of Europe” list for the European and municipal elections in Pescara, and in the “Pact for Abruzzo” list for the regional elections in March. These electoral appointments saw a good success of the socialist candidates, representing a significant starting point for reaffirming the central role of the socialists in national politics.

A noteworthy success was the candidacy of Enzo Maraio, national secretary of the PSI, who obtained around 42,000 preferences in the European elections in the Southern Constituency. This result will guarantee Maraio a leading role within the European Socialist Party.

Starting from these evaluations, the Regional Steering Committee of the PSI reiterated the importance of reaffirming the autonomy of the party, its reformist and planning vocation, with the aim of being a credible point of reference both for the center-left and for the new emerging instances in Italian society.

The first commitment of the Italian socialists is the firm opposition to the law on differentiated regional autonomy of the Meloni government. This law, according to the socialists, divides the country and seriously penalizes the South, as also underlined by the presidents of the southern regions belonging to the centre-right, with the complicit silence of the President of the Regional Council Marsilio, considered subordinate to the decisions of the President Giorgia Meloni.

On the regional front, the committee believes it is necessary, especially after the recent municipal elections in Pescara, Montesilvano and Giulianova which saw the victory of the centre-right, to commit to building a credible reformist alternative. This objective will be achieved by recovering the coalition spirit of the “Pact for Abruzzo” and defining programmatic priorities such as health, employment (with particular attention to the automotive sector in Val di Sangro), and road and port infrastructures. The Abruzzo socialists invite the prof. Luciano D’Amico to exercise with greater conviction the role of federation of the “Pact for Abruzzo” coalition, promoting collegial management of political initiatives.

The committee welcomed with satisfaction the re-election of Luciano Piluso as mayor of the Municipality of Schiavi d’Abruzzo, former socialist regional councilor and candidate in the last regional elections, recognizing his capacity for good governance.

To give continuity and new impetus to the socialist commitment in Abruzzo, the Regional Congress of the PSI has been convened for September, preceded by the congresses of the provincial federations. The Regional Congress will be open to the contribution of all those who, also on the basis of important histories of socialist militancy, wish to commit themselves to writing a new page in the history of Italian and Abruzzo socialism.

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