The Modena that will come with Bisoli

TURIN – Which Modena will face, under the guidance of the Rivetti family, its third championship in a row in Serie B? Last season, the Canaries “got ahead” with work. Hiring a cadet coach like Pier Paolo Bisoli towards the end of the championship might have been the right move. Unlike the one made a year ago, when we bet on the debutant (in B) Paolo Bianco: he could be the right man, the promising CV was not lacking, having worked for De Zerbi and Allegri. But in the end, the pitch, he said that the team ended up replicating, more or less, the previous year, the one with Attilio Tesser, the values ​​of the two teams were more or less similar. With Tesser, however, the one who had brought the Canaries to Serie B after a memorable head-to-head with Reggiana, he suffered much less, the team did not have the certain long blackouts it had with Bianco, despite playing a championship that was more competitive than the one just concluded. . So it will be up to Bisoli, linked to the Canaries until 2025, coach of the old school, defense and counterattack but not only, to continue the work set at the end of last season: the coach from Porretta Terme took Modena on 4 April, found him on the 13th ° place, with the team gripped by the fear of relegation and placing them a little too much on the barricades when they needed to stay calm and try to think about how to get out of trouble. With Bisoli arriving at 8 points in 5 matches, salvation was achieved, Modena ending the season in 10th place, 4 points away from the playoffs and the same number of points away from the playouts. Be careful, though. Bisoli, probably, despite coaching in more famous places, will always be remembered for the formidable year he had with Sudtirol, when taking over on the South Tyrolean bench, he managed to bring a team and a debuting club to Serie B, in the playoff semi-final against Bari, being eliminated with some regrets: after the narrow victory in the first leg, at the Druso in Bolzano, in the return at the San Nicola, despite having numerical superiority, they were defeated by Bari, who went to the final by virtue of their best placing in the championship. That Sudtirol, however, played a very interesting 4-4-2 for the compactness it showed on the pitch, with defense and midfield always close and never disconnected, that is, what will perhaps be most useful for Modena in the future, to try to achieve a better season than the last one just passed. The new sporting director, Andrea Catellani, who has just replaced Davide Vaira, destined for Pisa, is currently mainly busy thinning out the squad with elements such as Manconi (who is liked by Benevento and Avellino), Giovannini and Guiebre destined to pack their bags. However, the biggest problem last year’s team had was its lack of offensive weight (Diaw’s departure had made itself felt). So this year we would like an important striker like Coda, but there are also other clubs interested in him, probably further ahead in obtaining him from Genoa, the owner of the card. Meanwhile, a midfielder to keep an eye on in Simone Santoro has been redeemed, having arrived in January from Perugia, from whom perhaps more was expected in his first six months with the Canaries, thinking back to the player seen in Serie B with Perugia. But the boy is all there and has the means to impose himself next season, the canary midfielder is perhaps Modena’s strong point, especially when Gerli and Palumbo give their best. The fact remains that, to try to make the leap in quality, Modena must be “heavier” in attack.

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