Flood victims, applications by June 30th

The deadline for submitting an application for contributions deriving from donations received by the Municipality of Bertinoro in favor of flood victims is set for June 30th. Families whose homes were affected by the floods of May 2023 have until the end of the month to request help. The deadline for the notice was extended last March, until 30 June, to allow other families to take advantage of the possibility of applying for a contribution. The application can be submitted by anyone who was resident in Bertinoro on 16 May last year and who suffered damage to unregistered movable property, even if present in the home or in appurtenances, and who did not obtain the immediate CIS support contribution as it was not submitted the relevant application within the prescribed deadline of 30 August 2023; anyone who has suffered damage to unregistered movable property present in the appurtenances; those who were unable to request the CIS because the owner or tenant or holder of another real right submitted an application for the same home.

The contribution amounts to a flat rate of 200 euros for those who have incurred expenses related to the purchase of materials for cleaning and removing water, debris and for whitewashing the walls, repairing damaged external areas and have not kept the relevant supporting documents for expenses; an additional 1,300 euros are expected for each family unit, based on the supporting documents for expenditure as better specified in the notice. The contribution request form, published on the website of the Municipality of Bertinoro, must be completed and delivered directly to the institution’s protocol office. Alternatively, it is possible to scan the application and the expense receipts and send them via email to [email protected] or certified e-mail to [email protected], attaching a copy of the identity document.

Matteo Bondi

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