Matera-Altamura axis, Braia-Materdomini back and forth

In reference to the meeting held last Wednesday at the Municipality of Matera, with the developers of the Matera Nord axis, the Urban Planning councilor, Antonio Materdominiwith a note makes some clarifications in reference to the previous press release Luca Braia for Italia Viva. «During the meeting, agreed following discussions that took place in recent months -writes the councilor- various critical issues were addressed, including the intervention necessary to reduce the alluvial constraint on that portion of territory which, I remind you for the record, falls under regional jurisdiction as it concerns soil defense, and for which the Municipality can al maximum become an implementing entity. The definition of the interventions to be carried out on the Matera-Altamura axis may be explored in depth and possibly modified during the drafting of the municipal structural plan but at the moment there is already a regulatory system, which indicates the procedures for drawing up an overall project. In all this I do not understand the rationale of the statement, which attributes the blocking of the procedure to the Bennardi Administration. Placing the blame on Mayor Bennardi has now become the favorite sport of those who try to seek visibility and consensus, hoping to obtain who knows what political result. This Administration – concludes Materdomini – has taken the problem to heart since it took office, meeting the developers and trying to provide answers to the requests of the entrepreneurs, without proclamations and press releases bandied about from the rooftops but in dialogue with the citizens».

The reference is to the note released yesterday by the former regional councilor Luca Braia and exponent of Italia Viva entitled “Matera-Altamura commercial axis. Better late than never. Stop wasting time and opportunities.” which reads “We had won the battle, we had financed with 6 million euros in 2015 and had the coplanar roads built on the SS 99 for access to the surrounding areas in 2021. And everything stopped incredibly. The Bennardi administration is responsible for the blocking phase. Only today, after 3 years, the mayor of Matera declares that he wants to retrace his steps. In a meeting with the interested economic operators he announced, together with the urban planning councilor Materdomini, in a meeting in the presence of over 20 entrepreneurs, that he wanted to confirm the commercial and productive destination of the area and that he wanted to quickly resume operations to reach the target. If this is true, in the next few days it will be necessary to immediately define and prepare the project (already partially done by Prof. Ermini of the University of Basilicata) to carry out the works useful for reducing the hydrogeological constraint. Constraint that was inserted following the flood event in which unfortunately two people lost their lives in 2011 and which prevents investments. Today it is not even possible to expand the cemetery area, which is now close to saturation. We must complete, together with the Basilicata Region and the business owners, the urban planning works and we must start the investments that could bring development and employment. I have supported it for some time and it must become a priority for the city of Matera as well as for political, municipal, provincial and regional representatives. I will continue to follow the story directly alongside operators and citizens. The recovery of the 6 million euros was obtained thanks to the availability of the then President of the Pittella Region. Now I will involve President Bardi, it is necessary and can no longer be postponed to continue supporting the city of the Sassi to reach a definitive solution to the issue which has remained unresolved for 30 years. Hoping that what was stated today in the Municipality can immediately pass from words to deeds.

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