Hiring, Municipality employees ask for concrete actions: the state of agitation remains

Hiring, Municipality employees ask for concrete actions: the state of agitation remains
Hiring, Municipality employees ask for concrete actions: the state of agitation remains

The municipal administration’s commitments on stabilization and hiring new staff do not satisfy the trade unions. FP CGIL. Cisl Fp, Uilfpl, Csa and Rsu confirm the state of agitation of the employees of the Municipality of Brindisi, following the general assembly which took place last 17 June at Palazzo di città, in the presence of the Personnel councillor, Daniela Maglie .

The territorial secretaries presented the results of the meeting held on 30 May 2024, at the prefecture of Brindisi, for the cooling procedure pursuant to Lege 146/90 and subsequent amendments, taking today’s presence of the branch councilor as an opening signal.

“During the meeting – we read in a joint press release from the unions – councilor Maglie intervened, reiterating the will of the municipal administration, as already declared in the aforementioned meeting in the prefecture, to hire 20 employees in 2024, of which , in the immediate future, five units of Local Police officers and the possible stabilization of only three units of personnel engaged in the Pnrr/Southern Cohesion projects, with budget funds of approximately 730,000 euros to which another 20 units could be added, with funds financed by the Pnrr”.

But the unions complain about the absence “of a concrete proposal formulated by the municipal administration, supported by administrative acts, regarding the planning of hiring, structured on the basis of the units to be hired, the related professional profiles, the recruitment methods and the sectors where place the staff to be hired, also through forms of discussion with the union representatives, aimed at identifying the priorities and the related professional figures, having the greatest impact on the services provided by the institution”.

Furthermore, the trade unions have asked for “the transformation of part-time contracts into full-time contracts for all the staff involved and adequate professional training and the stabilization of the fixed-term contracts of colleagues involved in the Pnrr/Southern Cohesion projects”:

The state of unrest will remain until “concrete acts are adopted which demonstrate the Administration’s willingness to launch a three-year hiring plan, which is not limited to covering turnover, but to increasing the workforce, in order to guarantee a sustainable distribution of workloads among employees, with a consequent increase in the effectiveness, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of administrative action, in compliance with the constitutional principle of good performance of public offices”.

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