Foggia weather, the forecast for tomorrow Friday 21 June

Friday 21 June in Foggia promises to be a day characterized by stable and sunny weather conditions. The early hours of the morning will be full of clear skywith temperatures that will be around +25°C. During the morning, the thermometer will gradually rise, reaching peaks of +40°C in the central hours of the day. The wind will blow from the North – North East with a speed of 5km/h.

In the afternoon, the sky will remain serene, with a slight chance of cloud cover in the late afternoon. Maximum temperatures will be around +41°Cwith a perception of heat that could exceed +39°C. The wind will increase in intensity, with gusts that can reach 25km/h coming from the East.

In the evening, an increase in cloud cover is expected, with a possibility of light rain starting from 8:00 pm. Temperatures will drop, settling around +26°Cwhile the humidity will increase until 53%. The wind will blow from West – North West with a speed of 25km/h.

In conclusion, the weather forecast for Friday 21 June in Foggia indicates a day full of sun and heat, with possible rain during the evening. It is advisable to pay attention to climatic variations and to equip yourself accordingly to best deal with adverse weather conditions.

All the weather data for Friday 21 June in Foggia

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