he rams a car then runs away

Pesaro, 20 June 2024 – “I am was verbally attacked, rammed and they have me too broken car mirror with a kick”. This is Natalia T.’s complaint now being examined by the local police who immediately intervened via Sabbatini, where the event occurred, to collect his testimony and that of a witness who saw everything. There is also a video depicting the last part of what happened and thanks to which the perpetrator of the attack will be identified and probably reported. Natalia says: “I was parking, I was maneuvering to enter the courtyard of Via Sabbatini with my car, when a gentleman, driving a car, with an arrogant manner, ordered me to let him go through first. Then he got out, told me he broke the mirror with a kick and as he drove away he rammed the side of my vehicle, moving away. I was very scared, I didn’t expect this reaction from that person.”

One episode which also attracted the attention of some traders in the area who witnessed the scene: “I saw – says Laura Amadori from the nearby comic shop – that the gentleman had got out of his car, shouting at the lady who was in the other vehicle move. The lady got back into her car, the mirror of which was kicked and broken by the driver, who then got back into his vehicle and set off again, forcing the lady’s car sideways and hooking a barrier”.

Traders are asking for more controls: “Unfortunately there are sometimes problems in this area – say Simon Anniballi and Luca Pozzolesi from the comic shop – caused by homeless people who leave the hospital and come here to make noise and camp out. We have installed cameras in the building”

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