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Let’s try to look ahead | Orvietonews.it
Let’s try to look ahead | Orvietonews.it

Without going into the merits of the various interventions on the value and meaning of political citizenship, I would like to make a concrete proposal starting from an assumption: the “change”, the social, cultural and economic growth of the entire Orvieto Territory are in the hands of the inhabitants of the Municipality of Orvieto and not of a Mayor, his Council and the City Council. These are only an important, primary tool, but not sufficient. And here I cannot dwell on what has or has not been produced in the last 25/30 years by the various Mayors, Councils and Municipal Councils.

To achieve real change it takes many years, many more than one or two municipal legislatures, but above all it takes a project, or several projects united in a single vision.

The proposal is this: let’s create a legal entity, an association, or rather a community foundation, with the aim of drawing up a new “sustainable development” project for Orvieto and the entire Orvieto area. A Project that can and must be available to the next municipal administrations, to all the inhabitants, to all the public and private bodies and entities operating in the Orvieto area. A project to be carried out through study and work groups divided into thematic areas (economy, tourism, health, culture, training, etc.) but above all in territorial areas that have different and particular needs and characteristics: the Rupe and the historic centre, the Valle del Paglia (South and North) with Ciconia, Orvieto Scalo, Sferracavallo, etc. the Alfina plateau, the Monte Peglia side. With the exception of the Rupe, the other four areas will have to involve, in the planning, the territories of all the neighboring, bordering municipalities, which also go beyond the Umbria region and include Lazio and Tuscany. The overall project that will be implemented will have much more strength and possibility of being implemented if it involves an area of ​​approximately 50/60,000 inhabitants rather than 20,000.

This proposal is addressed primarily to the NOVA association and to Roberta Palazzetti with her support group: the commitment, skills, insights and innovations that these two civic groups brought to the political debate of the campaign should not be lost electoral. Then the proposal is addressed to all the civic candidates who took part in the two centre-right and centre-left coalitions. To the various political parties and elected councilors, both those who will be in government of the Municipality and those who will be in opposition. The proposal is addressed to whoever will be the future Mayor. The proposal is addressed to all public and private bodies and companies, cultural associations, third sector associations, trade associations, trade unions, etc. The proposal is addressed to all the inhabitants of the Municipality of Orvieto, both to more or less young elderly people like me, who will be able to make their experience available, and to more or less adult young people like the promoters of Nova, who will have to, above all, plan your future.

It is necessary to recreate an enlarged community that brings together all the ideas, proposals and various electoral programs, going into depth and discussing them. Therefore, through the study of history, the analysis of the present, the planning of the future, create a shared Project of the Orvieto Territory. Let’s take the necessary time, let’s look up, let’s look from above, let’s look forward.

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