Safer streets at the weekend: the Discobus arrives in Piacenza

“The return of summer. The breeze and the unexpected curves. The feeling that something could happen again.” Federico Pace wrote it in his beautiful novel “Controvento”, but thanks to Osteria della Balera, Paradise and Sonnambula in collaboration with the Sonia Tosi Association this could be the magnificent incipit of a new summer now upon us.

Thanks to the initiative and care of the three managers, starting from this weekend it will be in operation the Discobus: a fully shuttle service free who will accompany the young people of Piacenza in total safety to the entertainment venues. With this precious initiative, the three entrepreneurs, promoters and personal supporters of the project, with the Sonia Tosi Association intend to offer many young people a valid option to use their own car to reach night-time entertainment destinations; it is an action that aims to protect their safety and that of others, and to promote correct models of behaviour.

summer bus timetables

The Discobus inaugurates the summer with its first trips; this Saturday (June 22nd) at midnight and 1am he’ll take the kids to the Sleepwalkerwhile the return trips (from the disco to the Osteria della Balera) are scheduled at 03.30 and 4.30.

Friday 28 June will be the disco’s turn Paradise always leaving from the Osteria della Balera at 12pm – 12.30am – 1am – 1.30am with return at 3.30am – 4am and 4.30am.

the goal of the disco bus

The Discobus aims to contribute to decrease in the incidence of car collisions which are concentrated above all on weekends and late in the evening, due to the adoption of incorrect behaviors such as driving while impaired, wants to offer an alternative to choices that can prove dangerous and irresponsible.

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