Free yoga: the event at the Green Pea in Turin on Saturday 22 June

Free yoga: the event at the Green Pea in Turin on Saturday 22 June
Free yoga: the event at the Green Pea in Turin on Saturday 22 June

Yoga as a tool to overcome the barriers of the body and – above allof the mind and as a means to achieve full self-knowledge. This is the spirit that moves Patrizia Saccà – former Paralympic champion and one of the most relevant names on the Turin sports scene – as can be seen from her latest book “The Moon Salutation – Yoga with free rays”– published by Laskmi publisher. The text will be presentedSaturday 22 June at 18.00 at the innovative structure “Green Pea” of Turin. The presentation will be previously introduced by a live lesson by the author who will give the opportunity to try her method for free.

Patrizia Saccà was a Paralympic champion for 28 years, winning 18 Italian titles, bronze at the ’92 Barcelona Paralympics in a team, 2008 Beijing Paralympics in a team, 4th place as well as having taken part in 5 world championships and 12 European championships and won as many .

The book is his second work after the publication in 2018 of “Greeting to the Sun with Free Rays” (where he began to use the spiritual name Toshini Davi) and where he was already experimenting and teaching alternative methods for practicing the ancient oriental discipline. The athlete once again makes his creative ability and long experience in the field available, giving life to new methods for practicing his yoga method and “thus overcome physical limitations and experience the union of body-mind-spirit”.

This book therefore becomes a representation of the particular technique from which the book originates – the moon saluteand other asanas or positions invented by Saccà and specifically designed to be performed in a sitting and/or standing position. In the book, in addition to practical advice and methods aimed at better carrying out the practice, there are various insights dedicated to the care and respect of one’s body and mind. For this reason the text presents itself as a tool for “to practise” all-round discipline and attempting to experience the difficult combination of achieving balance between the physical and spiritual worlds.

For years, through books and guided lessons, Patrizia Saccà has been at the helm of “Free ray yoga” thanks to which she continues her yoga teaching method which has become for her not only the central pivot of her professional activity but also a tool for understanding her own interiority.


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