Cremona, drugged and drunk, beat and insulted his family: arrested

Cremona – It was arrested Tuesday in the early evening a 31-year-old convicted felon recognized guilty of domestic abuse and for this reason sentenced to prison.

Found guilty, the 31-year-old will spend twenty months in prison at Ca’ del Ferro. The events that opened the prison doors to the man occurred between 2016 and 2019. The young man, prisoner of drugs and alcoholalways more often he lost his mind when he came home, insulting parents and sister and also arriving at raise your hands on them. All this happened more and more often until, one evening in 2019, the young man arrived home particularly angry and began to shout, railing against his parents and sister, breaking furnishingskicking furniture and even threatening relatives and finally beating them.

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The young man’s fury had frightened his relatives more than usual, also because his own constant requests for money which he then used to drink and obtain drugs were no longer satisfactory, given how the family ménage was going. At that point her sister had decided that she couldn’t tolerate her any longer without running serious risks for herself and her parents and had gone to the police to file a complaint and tell what had happened in that house over the last three years. Having carried out the relevant investigations, the military reported to the judge what they had discovered and the magistrate, reading the military’s documents, decided to send the man to trial. Thus in 2022 the first trial was held which ended with the conviction in the first instance in the court of Cremona.

The 31-year-old’s lawyer had appealed but also the second degree sentence from the court of Brescia, the guilty verdict, was confirmed and subsequently became final. However, a few months passed before the verdict became operational and arrived the detention order which was issued only yesterday. Then, on Tuesday in the early evening the Cremona military went to the subject’s home and took him to the Cremona prison.

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