Simone asks to participate in the funeral – Teramo

TERAMO. With an application sent to the Teramo prosecutor’s office, Simone Santoleri he asked to be able to participate in the funeral of his father Giuseppe who committed suicide in prison. The man is currently detained in the Frosinone prison where he is serving a final sentence of 27 years for the murder of his mother: 24 for the murder and 3 for the concealment of a corpse.
Funerals which at the moment have not yet been scheduled given that no one showed up at the Teramo morgue, where the body is located, to start the procedures. The 74-year-old Giuseppe Santoleri, in prison serving a final sentence of 18 years for killing his ex-wife together with his son Simone Renata Rapposellia painter from Chieti, killed himself in his cot in Castrogno in the night between Friday and Saturday by suffocating himself after tightening a piece of rope to the side of the bed.
For some time he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, senile dementia and depression. His lawyer Federica Di Nicola (who had begun assisting him since the appeal process) precisely on the basis of the health conditions certified by a party consultation and a prison report, he had presented a request to the supervisory court of L’Aquila to have him serve his sentence in an assisted healthcare residence that had already made its availability available. In last week’s hearing, on June 6, the second in the space of a few months, the L’Aquila court postponed it until July, requesting a new report from the prison.(dp)

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