Turin, the protest of the penitentiary police


WE RECEIVE AND PUBLISH – The Penitentiary Police of Turin and Piedmont protest. The reason for the dispute is the leadership of many Departments of the Corps, at Institutes and services in the Region, due to the shortage of Penitentiary Police Managers/Officials affecting the region. Vicente Santilli, secretary of the Autonomous Penitentiary Police Union, explains with concern the evolving situation in the Turin prison: “The Turin prison is an extremely complex structure, without equal compared to the others in the District, difficult to manage and which requires experience and continuity in the line of command, with almost 1,600 inmates present. Yet, following the imminent transfer of the current Headquarters Commander, it seems that the Administration has not yet identified a “sailed” substitute who can guide the Blue Basques to carry out the institutional tasks envisaged. Indeed, it seems that the Turin institute will be placed under the command of a deputy inspector. Well, even admitting that the designated inspector is particularly capable, we, in all honesty, believe that it is not a viable temporary solution at all. The Turin penitentiary, in addition to being objectively complex, must be entrusted to an experienced Penitentiary Police Director who can already boast command of other previous entities on his work CV”. Donato Capece, general secretary of SAPPE, in a note sent to the top management of the Penitentiary Administration precisely to stigmatize the situation, underlines that “despite the fact that some time ago we had been reassured of the fact that all the penitentiary institutions in the country would be placed under the command of at least one Penitentiary Police Officer/Director, to date, especially in the Piedmont region, as “promised” it has not yet been fully implemented. In fact, it appears to us that there are institutions still without titular commanders, where, for a few days a week, managers/officials in force in other penitentiaries are sent on missions who, at times, are called upon to manage the delicate and complex area. Security of even three penitentiaries at the same time! In other institutes, however, in clear derogation from the provisions of the laws in force, the command of the headquarters is entrusted to members of the role of inspectors and, in some cases, even to those who only hold the qualification of deputy inspector”. Hence SAPPE’s request to ministerial leaders, “in order to prevent irreparable events from happening sooner or laterto initiate a rapid procedure to identify the Penitentiary Police Director to whom to entrust the leadership of the Turin prison complex and monitor the situation taking place in the various prisons in Piedmont.

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