Italy Major: Galan and Chingotto eliminate Simone Cremona


Simone Cremona resisted for almost an hour against Alejandro Galan and Federico Chingotto, before leaving the pitch defeated together with his partner Nuno Deus. In addition to the Italian, the young Argentinians Libaak/Augsburger were also eliminated, while Stupa and Di Nenno reached the eighth. Among women, however, nothing to do for Carlotta Casali

Fifty-nine minutes: this was the duration of the highly anticipated round of 36 (for Italian fans) at the Italy Major between the Italian Simone Cremona together with the Portuguese Nuno Deus and Alejandro Galan/Federico Chingotto, match won, as widely expected, by the latter two with a clear 6-0 6-4. Going into more detail about the challenge in question, number 2 in the world (debuting in this tournament after the bye in the first round) they dominated without any ifs or buts in the first setnot even leaving crumbs to his opponents, and subsequently managed the second partial, without ever granting break points and finding the winning acceleration with two games in a row from 4-4.

Regardless of the result achieved, however, they still go congratulations to Cremona, who, together with his teammate, did not lose his composure after the many difficulties encountered in the first set, but he returned to the field with more determination and created some small problems for the opposing pair in the second set. Therefore, considering all this and also, and above all, yesterday’s beautiful victory against compatriots Lorenzo Di Giovanni and Riccardo Sinicropi, it can absolutely be said that Cremona will now be able to return home happy from this home Major.

Regardless of the result achieved, however, compliments must still be paid to Cremona, who did not lose his composure after the bad first set, but rather returned to the court with more determination and managed to create some small problems for the opposing pair in the second set.

For Galan and Chingotto, now it will be there instead the round of 16 match against Bautista/Guerrero, who after yesterday’s great victory against Nieto/Sanz (tds 9) today eliminated two other important players such as the young Leo Augsburger and Valentino Libaak, at the end of a very hard-fought match that was only decided in the tie-break of the third set with a score of 7-4 (1-6 6-4 7-6 the final result). Still in the men’s field, the world number ones Arturo Coello/Agustin Tapia and the Argentinians Franco Stupaczuk and Martin Di Nenno also found success (6-0 7-5 against Sanchez/Valdes), who will now have to challenge Barahona/Zapata (victorious today 6-3 6-2 against Moyano/Gil) and Cardona/J in the round of 16 respectively. Ruiz (today 6-4 6-1 against Diestro/Lijo).

Finally, it is important to also point out the successes of Fernando Belasteguin/Juan Tello (double 6-4 against Solano/Windahl), Mike Yanguas/Javi Garrido (6-4 7-6 against Cepero/Benitez Lara) and Maxi Sanchez/Sanyo Gutierrez, with the latter having prevailed against Tolito Aguirre and Gonzalo Rubio for 6-2 7-6(6).

Among women, everything was easy on debut (after the bye in the first round) for the world number 1 Sanchez/Josemaria (6-1 6-2 against Saiz/Lobo), while Delfi Brea and her temporary companion Gallardo struggled a lot (who replaced the injured Bea Gonzalez for this tournament), before winning their debut match against Arrubarrena/Polo with a score of 6-3 5-7 7-6(4). It then took three sets too in the match between the very young Ustero/Alonso and Las Herrars/Iglesias, won 7-5 1-6 6-2 by the first couple, who will now have to face the winners between Salazar/Goenaga (tds 7) and Mesa/Ruiz Soto in the round of 16.

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Staying in the women’s field, nothing to do for the Italian Carlotta Casali, who, after the success in yesterday’s derby against Stellato/Sussarello, had to surrender clearly to Talavan/Nogueira (tds 13) together with his partner Soriano (6-0 6-3 the final result in favor of the opponents). Instead, they won their match Caldera/Rufo (tds 11), thanks to the 7-5 6-2 won by the qualifiers Eugenio Barrera/Fassio.

Important to underline that the day at the Foro Italico is obviously not over yet. In fact, we will continue to play throughout the evening, until all the round of 32 in both categories (male and female) are exhausted.

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