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Three days after its start, at the Salerno Literature Festival, now in its twelfth edition, the climate became scorching, not only due to the pressure of the numerous meetings with the authors but, above all, due to the summer heat that began to cleave his first blows.

Streg8 By Michele Salerno

For a refreshing and tasty break, what better opportunity could there be than to organize a real pizza party in the temple of the most iconic Neapolitan dish accompanied by a Made in Campania aperitif?

The high temperature and the curiosity to taste the iconic flavors of the area brought together a very large group of prestigious guests, coming from all over Italy and participating in the Salerno Festival, who met at L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, in the heart of the center historian of Salerno. Doing the honors were Alessandro Condurro and Francesco De Luca, CEO of the Antica Pizzeria Michele in the World, for an exclusive tasting of traditional pizzas dating back to 1870, famous and baked all over the world thanks to the network of over 50 venues and accompanied by Streg8, the brand new cocktail from Strega Alberti Benevento, made with Strega liqueur and red 900 bitters and with the famous Chin8 Neri.

Streg8 By Michele Salerno

Writers and journalists were present at this celebration of Campania excellence: among these Marino Niola with Elisabetta Moro, Silvia Cavalieri, Giorgio De Marchis with Tatiana Salem Levy, Giada Trebeschi with Giorgio Rizzo, Marco Motta, Giorgio Simonelli, Oscar Buonamano, Maurizio Casiraghi with Silvia Giardina, Sandra Petrignani, Francesco Pacifico, Lucrezia Ercoli, Niccolò Zancan, Roberto Francavilla, and even Ines Mainieri with Daria Limatola, – respectively director of the Salerno Letteratura Festival, organizer and president of the Duna di Sale Association, curator of the children’s program – who in on this special occasion they were able to treat themselves to an unexpected albeit brief relaxation, between treats and sips of unforgettable goodness.

Streg8 By Michele Salerno

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