Sicilbanca grows and opens a new branch in Palermo

Sicilbanca, a cooperative credit bank of the Cassa Centrale group, continues its territorial expansion with the opening of its branch in Palermo, thus adding a third area presence in Sicily, after Caltanissetta and Catania.

With the inauguration of the new branch, scheduled for Saturday 29 June, the BCC reaches 22 operational branches, 102 employees and a membership base of 4,000 members throughout Sicily, of which 600 in Palermo. The Credit Institute combines capital solidity and operational efficiency with significant technical balances: a CET1 of 35%, with a net worth of over 70 million euros and a Cost/Income of 54%, which in 2023 allowed it to achieve a profit net of 5.7 million euros.

«The inauguration of the new branch – said Giuseppe Di Forti during a press conference (in the picture), president of Sicilbanca – is part of an industrial plan developed as part of a strategy aimed at the growth of the bank while maintaining its roots in the territory and giving back to Sicily, specifically to the city of Palermo, a local bank close to the communities and needs of the person. A bank with a soul which, thanks to its membership of the Cassa Centrale group, is able to offer cutting-edge banking and financial products, without neglecting the personal relationship.”

«Proximity to people in the area is one of our main distinctive elements – adds Sandro Bolognesi, CEO of the Cassa Centrale group – and the new presence in Palermo of our partner bank, Sicilbanca, is proof and confirmation of this. The growth path of our group passes through the widespread presence of our member banks and the development of new and more complete commercial opportunities, which combine technological efficiency with our DNA, made up of relationships and care for the community”.

The new headquarters in Palermo, located in viale Lazio number 9, is the “Gino Morici” branch, in homage to the eclectic Palermo artist of the same name (1901-1972) of whom the bank holds a rich artistic heritage.

The opening of the branch marks the beginning of a planning process dedicated to the city, characterized by concrete and cooperative actions. This vision, underlined the president of Sicilbanca Giuseppe Di Forti, translates into a constant commitment to support cultural, social and economic initiatives, making the BCC not only a banking institution, but an active partner that acts alongside local institutions and realities for the enhancement of the cultural and artistic beauties of the city.

The restoration of the relics of San Benedetto il Moro has been financed

Among the first actions undertaken by Sicilbanca, the collaboration with the Archdiocese stands out, together with the Friars Minor of Sicily, and the Municipality of Palermo for the restoration of the relics of San Benedetto il Moro, co-patron saint of the city together with Santa Rosalia, of whom this This year we celebrate the 500th anniversary of his birth. The intervention allocated by Sicilbanca for the restoration of the relics that have always been kept inside the church of Santa Maria di Gesù represents an act of cultural, historical and religious value.

«Saint Benedict the Moor – comments the Archbishop of Palermo Corrado Lorefice – reminds us of the importance of inclusion, listening and service to others, values ​​that today more than ever need to be rediscovered and lived. The restoration of his relics, after the terrible fire of last July 25th, represents an opportunity to reaffirm the value of social responsibility and contribute to the common good.”

«On behalf of the city and the municipal administration – declares the mayor of Palermo Roberto Lagalla – I welcome the new Sicilbanca branch in viale Lazio, thanking its president Di Forti, because this opening is a sign of attention towards Palermo. My best wishes to the employees of the new branch for good work in the sign of a growth in the bank’s relationship with the territory”.

Sicilbanca’s partnerships also include the one with the University of Palermo. «We strongly believe – underlines the Rector of the university, Massimo Midiri – that the synergies between public and private, the business world and academic realities, can succeed in achieving ambitious objectives for the future of our territory. The collaboration between Sicilbanca and the University of Palermo is an example of this.”

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