Sardinia at the top of the national rankings La Nuova Sardegna

Sardinia at the top of the national rankings La Nuova Sardegna
Sardinia at the top of the national rankings La Nuova Sardegna

Sassari Drought, tropical nights, heat waves, temperature variations that are difficult to bear: these have all become regular phenomena on the island. This is certified by the climate liveability index, created for the third year by Corriere della Sera and It is Imperia that climbs to the top step of the podium in the ranking of the Italian provincial capitals with the best climate of 2023. While Sardinia collects some negative records.

Liveability As regards the overall ranking, the first Sardinian provincial capital – that is, where people live best from a climatic point of view – is Cagliari, which comes in 25th position. Followed by Nuoro, 42nd; Sassari, 64th; Olbia, 74th and South Sardinia 105th.

Drought In terms of drought, all periods with rainfall of less than 1 mm and of at least 14 consecutive days were taken into consideration. In this case not only does the island manage to place all the capitals in the top national positions, but it also takes home the sad absolute record. The first in the ranking, in fact, is Cagliari with 204 days. The second, both on the island and at a national level, is Southern Sardinia with 198; then Nuoro (fifth place) with 166; Oristano (seventh) with 160; Olbia (eighth) with 156; and Sassari (nineteenth) with 132.

Heat The “extreme heat” ranking, which lists the number of days in which the temperature exceeded 35 degrees, sees South Sardinia in third national place (30 days). Following among the Sardinian capitals is Oristano (seventh place nationally) with 23 days; Sassari (11th) with 18; Nuoro (14th) with 16; Cagliari (26th) with 11. Another ranking concerns the temperature range, the annual average of the difference between the maximum and minimum daily temperatures. Also in this case, Southern Sardinia is in command, first in Italy with 12 degrees. Then there are Olbia (16th) with 11; Cagliari (22nd) with 10; Nuoro (55th) with 9; and Sassari (90th) with 8.

Tropical nights The Sardinian capitals are also at the top of the ranking with regards to the heat index: Olbia is in seventh place with 58 days in which the value reached the level of “extreme caution”. Same value for Southern Sardinia. The Sardinian queen of tropical nights, those in which the average temperature exceeded 20 degrees, is Cagliari (123 nights). South Sardinia follows with 113; Olbia with 106; Oristano with 105; Sassari with 96; and Nuoro with 62.

The “waves” Then there is a special ranking for the cities that have had the greatest heat waves, that is, a series of at least 4 consecutive days in which the daily average temperature is higher than average. In this case Olbia is ahead, which with 78 waves finds itself in second place nationally. South Sardinia follows with 68; Oristano with 55; Sassari with 54; and Nuoro with 53. (s. sant.)

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