Vicenza, 9-year-old boy gets lost on bicycle: rescued by two policemen

He had left home on his bicycle, probably to go for a ride in the neighborhood where he lives with his family, but he went too far away and was no longer able to find the way to return until he was seen wandering aimlessly by a patrol of police officers.

The little boy was alone

The protagonist was a 9-year-old boy from Vicenza who lost his bearings while riding his bike on Monday evening, June 17, around 7.30 pm. As luck would have it, after a series of routes taken, a couple of agents on board noticed him. a patrol car that was patrolling the area of ​​Corso Santi Felice e Fortunato, in the historic center of Vicenza, as happens every evening at that time. The two policemen noticed the rather unusual scene given that the child seemed alone, not having anyone around him who could be a parent, a relative or an adult friend to accompany him, and was moving aimlessly, following a path that apparently did not He knew.

The call to parents

The police then stopped, approached him and asked him why he was there all alone. The child, calmed and reassured by the kindness of the operators, explained to them that he had gone out for a ride near home with his bicycle but then, after having traveled a few kilometres, he would have lost his orientation, no longer being able to return to his home. The officers therefore remained with him and in the meantime managed to contact his parents, both from Vicenza, on their cell phones. Mom and dad, worried because their son wasn’t coming home, were able to breathe a sigh of relief after the phone call and rushed to the center to hug him and bring him home.

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