Grosseto, courier missing on the Amiata: the two arrested avail themselves of the right not to respond

Nicolas Matias Del Rio (photo from social media)

GROSSETO – It is not known whether the Italian-Argentine transporter Nicolas Matias Del Rio, who has been missing since May 22 in the streets of Amiata, is still alive. The two men arrested in Grosseto on charges of robbery and destruction of the van loaded with 500,000 euros of Gucci bags made use of the right not to respond. Their silence leaves the matter a mystery. With the anguish of not knowing where Del Rio is or what happened to him.

Gjoni Klodian, a 33-year-old Albanian resident in Castel del Piano, defended by the lawyer Alessio Bianchini, did not allow himself to be questioned by judge Cecilia Balsamo because “we have to clarify some aspects”, explained the lawyer, adding that together with his client “we will soon ask an interrogation.”

Bozkurm Ozgur, 41 years old, from Turkey, resident in Arcidosso, defended by the lawyer Diego Innocenti, also did not respond to the judge, however his lawyer asked not to validate the arrest “because there is no danger of escape” and “because there are the extremes of a less afflictive measure”. Klodian was arrested while he was about to board the plane at Ciampino (Rome).

Judge Balsamo reserved her decision, upon validation of the arrests and precautionary measures. Meanwhile, the investigations by the Carabinieri continue, who hypothesize the presence of an organization capable of targeting valuable transport.


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Gilda Giusti

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