“The ASL of Alessandria is missing 100 obs”. Healthcare in crisis

“The ASL of Alessandria is missing 100 obs”. Healthcare in crisis
“The ASL of Alessandria is missing 100 obs”. Healthcare in crisis

ALEXANDRIA – 100 obs are missing in the structures ofASL of Alessandria. And there is no sign of an agreement for new hires.

The complaint comes from the unions who, last night, met with the top management of the healthcare company without reaching an agreement. And today, in a press conference, Alberto Accordi of Fials, Sonia Ciminello of Uil, Moreno Maraffa of CISL, Antonio Lace of CGIL and Vincenzo Costantino also of CGIL (he is in the provincial civil service) expressly denounced a problem that certainly concerns the workers but, of course, all those who turn to hospitals, clinics and facilities of the AslAl and who must, therefore, deal with the shortage of staff.

Obs: the uncovered seats

In the ASL territory there is need to fill 467 posts. “The company – explain the trade unionists – claims that there are 480 workers in service, but it must be taken into account that 17 of these are totally disabled and that 121 are only partially fit. The work of the OSS is demanding and we cannot afford to have unsuitable staff.”

There are still 634 people on the hiring list. The ranking, which lasts two years, will expire on August 5. “We need to act quickly, but it doesn’t seem to us that the ASL wants to take any initiatives, other than replacing those who are retiring and the 17 disabled people”.

If the situation does not resolve itself, the unions are likely to ask for a meeting with the prefect (“and it would be the third”). “Let’s avoid strikes – the employee representatives comment – ​​so as not to penalize citizens. We don’t have the numbers to allow workers to abstain from work.”

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