Pordenone, chases an 18 year old under her house and rapes her. Arrested

Published: 06/18/2024 5.34pm

He chased his victim, just eighteen years old, right under the house. Then rob and rape her in the parking lot. The girl was returning from her work shift. He, a 29 year old Colombian worker, beat her savagely before abusing her and robbing her of the money she had with her. The request for help was received by the Pordenone carabinieri at 2 am between 8 and 9 June. The description of the girl they helped nail the attacker thanks also to security cameras.
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Violence downtown

The Carabinieri of Provincial command have identified and arrested the alleged perpetrator of a brutal sexual assault and robbery, which took place between Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th June. The victim, an eighteen year old girl, he experienced a nightmare on his way home after work.

The attacker, a 29 year old worker of Colombian origin residing in Pordenone, was stopped thanks to the effective intervention of the police. During a press conference, the police illustrated the details of this tragic event, revealing how the man waited for her young girl to attack her in her most vulnerable moment.

The nightmare

After finishing her work shift, the young woman was walking towards his car parked near the Adam and Eve bridge. It was there that the attacker took her by surprise, yanking her, beating her and dragging her to a nearby flowerbed. In addition to sexually assaulting her, the man also stole the money she had with her.

Despite the trauma, the girl she managed to escape and to take refuge in the Santin hotel, where he called the police. His precise description of the attacker – green T-shirt, black trousers, trainers, dark hair almost shaved – proved crucial to the investigation.

The arrest

Thanks to the surveillance cameras scattered around the city, the police followed the man’s movements, from the stalking phase to the atrocious attack. The images confirmed the premeditation of the act: the man had chosen his victim and followed her with the intent to strike.

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