rare specimen of Hexanchus griseus caught and released

On the evening of June 1, 2024 Punta Pellaroa renowned location in , saw an event that left those present speechless. Michaelan avid fisherman, managed to catch one from the beach flathead shark (Hexanchus griseus) a native species known by fishermen as “pisci vacca” or “vaccarella”, with dimensions and weight estimated at approximately 250-300 cm in length and 200/250 kg.

The task of bringing the shark to shore was not an easy one and ultimately required the help of four adult men to get this beautiful animal onto the beach. In fact, together with Michael, his friends Davide, Filippo and an unknown fisherman who quickly rushed over, they managed to drag the imposing animal to the shore with quite a bit of physical effort (and several minutes of time) to immortalize it with photos and videos.

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After the ritual shots, the shark was released healthy, allowing it to return to its splendid natural habitat. Michael He thanks the people for their help, underlining that, without them, it would not have been possible to beach the shark and complete this, for him, extraordinary undertaking.

Michael reserves special thanks to his friend Federico Nicolosi, the person who introduced Michael to technique of theHeavy Castingthe same one that allowed him to live this unforgettable adventure.

This episode, in addition to testifying to the beauty and richness of the marine fauna of our region, underlines the importance of collaboration and respect for the environment, demonstrating that even exceptional catches can take place with full respect for nature.


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