Society of the Strait of Messina reassures on the navigable freeway

Society of the Strait of Messina reassures on the navigable freeway
Society of the Strait of Messina reassures on the navigable freeway

Will large container ships pass under the bridge over the Strait of Messina? This is one of the issues that divide the supporters of the work from those who are against it and each brings his own figures. On 18 June 2024 it was the turn of the Strait of Messina Society, which in a note wants reassure that all ships will be able to pass under the bridge. It confirms that the navigable depth – i.e. the free height between sea level and the lower part of the deck which allows the safe passage of ships – will be 72 meters for a width of 600 metres, reducing to 65 meters “in the presence of exceptional conditions of heavy road and rail traffic”. Two measures, adds the note, which are “absolutely manageable”, because I am “a height in line with or higher than existing bridges on major international shipping lanes”.

The company also responds to those who say that the wave motion could reduce the distance between the ship and the bridge in a dangerous way: “Land oscillations of ships of 5/10 meters due to wave motion, recalled by ‘independent analyses’ and reported by the media, have no confirmation in the reality of the Strait of Messina. Waves of 9 meters occurred only during the tsunami of 1908.”

The note adds that “no account is taken of possibility of ships to reduce the height of the vessel: reclining masts and funnels, ballast holds to collect sea water which lower the waterline. Operations that are usually carried out by large container ships that access the Mediterranean via the Suez Canal under the Al Salam Bridge, whose navigable clearance is less than the 72 meters that will be available on the Strait of Messina”.

The company reports the admiral’s words Nunzio Martello, ccoordinator of the Technical Panel for navigation safety in the Strait of Messina for the construction of the bridge, according to which “THEThe issue of the navigable freeway of the bridge over the Strait of Messina has been widely analyzed through an in-depth study examination of traffic in recent years in the Strait, divided for the different boats. No ship transiting in 2023 would have been unable to pass through the bridge.”

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