Novara: an artist’s bench in memory of Donatella Zelandi

An artist’s bench, in the Valentino park, dedicated to the memory of Donatella Zelandipast president of the Women’s Business Group Movement of Confartigianato Imprese Piemonte Orientale, passed away after a short illness.

Novara: artist bench for Donatella Zelandi

“Hi Donatella, we remember you with a world of colors”. Thus begins the message shared by Confartigianato Imprese Piemonte Orientale following the inauguration of an artist’s bench dedicated to Donatella Zelandi, entrepreneur and past president of the Eastern Piedmont Women’s Business Movement who passed away prematurely last year.

The bench is located among the trees of the Valentino park in Novara and was created by Giuseppe Ravizzottidonated by the carpenter Antonio Piciaccia and placed by Antonio Eliaassociated entrepreneurs who knew her and appreciated her commitment.

“Our initiative – continues Confartigianato Imprese Piemonte Orientale – was born in collaboration with the ‘Liberazione e Speranza’ cooperative chaired by Elia Impaloni and active against gender violence, a topic very dear to her to which she had wanted to dedicate meetings and debates. There were many of us at the ceremony with Donatella’s family, her husband Alberto Ciocca and children Elena And Alexanderthe national president of the Confartigianato women entrepreneurs’ movement Daniela Biolattothe representatives of Eastern Piedmont Elis Piaterra And Michela Maggi and regional Sara Origliathe friend Manuela Peroni Assandri“.

“And many have dedicated a moving memory to Donatella and her commitment: the president of Confartigianato Piemonte Giorgio Felicithe president of our association Michele Giovanardithe director Amleto Impalonithe municipal councilor Giulia Negrithe president of the municipal council Edoardo Brustiathe president of the Equal Opportunities Commission of the Municipality of Novara Maria Luisa Astolfi, Cinzia Fenini of the Maggiore hospital and the mayor of San Pietro Mosezzo Giuseppe Brognoli.

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