Education, revocations in sight for “diploma factories” also in Sicily

«Total harmony, firm applause and satisfaction for the fruitful common commitment with the Minister of Education and Merit, Giuseppe Valditara, who announced the start of revocation proceedings for 47 second level private institutions between Lazio, Campania and Sicily. Inspection activities – says the regional councilor for Education and Vocational Training, Mimmo Turano – they involved 70 schools in the three regions and highlighted profiles of irregularities. Diplomas – underlines the representative of the Schifani government – are earned and achieved with commitment and authentic dedication, they are not bought”.

Regarding the Sicilian situation, the councilor specifies that “what appears in the documents is a very high percentage of procedures for launching revocations due to significant or serious critical issues, in relation to the number of inspections carried out”.

«I express my appreciation – adds Turano – for the work of the director of the Regional School Office for Sicily, Giuseppe Pierro, and satisfaction for a comprehensive contrast initiative which will soon, I hope, be crowned by the approval of the government bill which establishes inflexible rules on the regularity of training courses in the joint ventures, expected to be examined by the Chambers. What we are doing together with the national government – ​​he concludes – is also in defense of the work of the peer institutes that seriously, every day, train our children with transparency, correctness and honesty, as well as of the children themselves. They must be helped to understand that studying is a precious asset, not an obstacle to be overcome by any means.”

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