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The Conference of Senate Group Leaders has set for Tuesday 18 June at 3.30pm the time of conclusion of the examination and vote of the amendments to the premiership. The session opened with a minute’s silence for the general Claudio Graziano, who passed away yesterday June 17th. “I am sure that on this occasion there will be no disturbing actions by anyone” said the president of the Senate La Russa, opening the session.

Senator for life Mario Monti, spoke first in the Chamber of Palazzo Madama and declared his vote against the measure. And his no, he specifies, “is for reasons that go beyond the abolition of the figure of senators for life”. “This measure – you observed – will not achieve the objectives it proposes and will not bring about the desired rapprochement of citizens with politics”. “The reform seems not to look at the world around us where, even across the Atlantic, there are governments where the presidents are directly elected by the people and they are the ones who are most in crisis.” This, Monti insisted, “is not a reform made in the interest of citizens, but of the category of politicians. Citizens, in fact, if the government is less stable, will be penalized”.

“We are firmly against this reform on its merits and for the political consequences it will have. Because in fact if a government goes badly and consensus is lost, the prime minister is still armored.” Thus the senator and leader of Action, Carlo Calenda announcing the vote against. “It’s a problem of method – he added – because arriving at a head-on confrontation can always and in any case lead to painful defeats, but for you the point is to shift attention from the real problems” citing for example the young people who leave Italy or those below the poverty line or the difficulties of public school. But, he asked: “How do we get out of this? With a great ordeal between good and evil”, noting that “next year we will saw off another piece of the branch, the branch on which we are sitting and which coincides with the republican institutions through a conflict constant, at the end of which we will all be weaker”.

“The group clarified in the general discussion that for us discussing the direct election of the prime minister was neither heresy nor an act of democratic subversion. So we brought reformist reflections and – he added – unlike others, we presented our own organic bill and we made amendments but the final result is disappointing.” He said it in the Chamber Enrico Borghi, group leader of Italia viva in the Senate, in view of his group’s vote against the reform of the premiership on which the Chamber of Palazzo Madama will soon express its opinion. “This is not the mother of all reforms but an illusory patch that claims to close a republican transition.”

Total opposition” to the bill on the premiership was expressed by the senator of Avs Peppe De Cristofaro who, speaking in the Chamber of Palazzo Madama, spoke of a “dangerous” reform which “assigns power into the hands of a single person”. But “we – he warns – will not allow you. We will move our fight to the real country”. “Already this afternoon – she announces – we will take to the streets to denounce the unbearable climate you are creating”.

More people and less palace: this is the path we are indicating and for this reason we will vote for the reform with joy and conviction”. Thus the group leader of Forza Italia in the Senate, Maurizio Gasparri, announcing the favorable vote on the premiership. During his speech the senator of the Mixed group, Tino Magnishows the text of the Constitution in protest.

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Last June 12, the Senate approved the sixth of the eight articles of the bill on the elective premiership. The article concerns the Senate which, according to the Constitution, is elected “on a regional basis”, the Casellati bill adds the words “except for the prize on a national basis provided for by article 92”. In fact, the previous article 5 of the Casellati bill inserted into article 92 of the Charter the provision of a majority bonus for the lists that support the prime minister candidate who wins the elections. The Senate now begins the examination of article 7, which concerns government crises and on which there is a government amendment.

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Fratoianni’s appeal: the “true face of the country” in the square today

“To the institutional violence of the right, to SpaccaItalia and to the full powers of the prime minister, we respond with our bodies, our voices, our smiles. The true face of the country, the one that does not bend and resists this dangerous right. Today all in Piazza Santi Apostoli in Rome at 5.30pm Nicola Fratoianni of the Alleanza Verdi Sinistra writes on Facebook

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