the fulcrum at the Serravalle Gardens. Among the novelties at the gin festival

the fulcrum at the Serravalle Gardens. Among the novelties at the gin festival
the fulcrum at the Serravalle Gardens. Among the novelties at the gin festival

The 2024 edition of the San Giovanni Fair kicks off on the summer solstice, one of the most loved events by people from Cesena and beyond, which effectively opens the long summer in Romagna. Thus, from Friday 21st to Monday 24th June the city will once again immerse itself in the magical atmosphere of the fair, among bunches of fragrant lavender, braids of garlic and cheerful sugar whistles. A sacred and profane festival, rich in history (its first attestation dates back to 1638) and ready to renew itself every time, the San Giovanni Fair also this year hosts a rich program of initiatives, including shows, concerts, historical re-enactments, delicious menus . Without forgetting shopping, with hundreds of stalls that will liven up the heart of Cesena.


The inauguration will be held on Friday at 7.30 pm at the entrance to the Serravalle Gardens, in the presence of the mayor of Cesena Enzo Lattuca and the president of Cesena Fiera Renzo Piraccini.

Among the stalls hunting for good deals

The Fair is the ideal place to make advantageous purchases and find curious and original items. From the evening of June 21st you will be able to stroll among the stalls of Corso Mazzini and Corso Sozzi, those of the ancient Fair, set up in Via Zeffirino Re and in the suggestive surrounding streets, while in the Serravalle Gardens there will be the creative artisans of the Art Market and in via Cesare Battisti plants, flowers and essences for all tastes. As per tradition, the exhibitors of the Campionaria and the car show will line up in Piazza della Libertà. On Saturday 22 June the Fair market will expand. The pre-fair market will be held from 7:00 to 13:00, then the actual market of the fair will start in the afternoon, also animating the area of ​​Viale Mazzoni, where the Luna Park rides will also be found. . Overall, there will be around 400 stalls in San Giovanni, which will sit alongside the shops in the centre.

The tasty menu of San Giovanni

Taverns, restaurants, food trucks, street food, ethnic specialties, and so on and so forth: there are many proposals for aperitifs, dinners, snacks and snacks during the four days of the festival. The already varied offer of Cesena’s venues will be enriched by a wide choice of refreshment points set up for the occasion (increasing compared to the last edition). The greedy map of the Fair sees stations scattered throughout the centre, from Piazza Fabbri, Almerici, Amendola to Via Cesare Battisti and Viale Mazzoni. The gardens of Serravalle, however, will be the undisputed kingdom of food trucks. In this context, an unprecedented event will be the Romagna Gin Fest which will be staged on the evenings of 22 and 23 June at the Chiosko Savelli, with over 20 types of Romagna gins and food stands.

The sacred feast: the pontifical of San Giovanni

Alongside the many entertainment and entertainment initiatives, we cannot forget the sacred aspect of the festival, with the celebrations in honor of San Giovanni Battista, patron saint of Cesena. It seems that devotion to the Saint spread in the Middle Ages, with the arrival of a group of exiles from Fiesole, and the Cathedral of Cesena, built at the end of the 14th century, is named after him. In the Cathedral, on June 24th, at 10 am, Bishop Douglas Regattieri will preside over the solemn pontifical mass. The Schola “Santa Cecilia” directed by maestro Gianni Della Vittoria will sing the Missa “Salve Regina” for 4 voices by Valeriano Tassani. Furthermore, at 9pm, maestro Della Vittoria will hold an organ concert

Protagonist associations

Many associations which, as per tradition, participate in the Fiera di S. Giovanni with their fund-raising stalls, concentrated above all in via Pio Battistini. It should also be noted that on the afternoon of Monday 24 June, the Public Gardens will host “L’inclusion in festa”, an event organized by Anffas, Cils, Polisportiva Anffas and Cisa. From 5.15pm there will be free experiential workshops for children, there will be moments of entertainment by the “Blue Dragon”, while Welldone will offer a snack. From 8pm live music with “Gli altri” by Aveac and followed by “Smiusical”, staged by Polisportiva Anfass.

The shows

On the evenings of the Fair, many corners of the center will host moments of music and entertainment. Below is an overview of the over thirty events scheduled.

San Zvan: Serravalle gardens in celebration

This year too, the Serravalle gardens are confirmed as a privileged space for celebrations in the name of aggregation and music. Every evening at 7pm there will be a DJ set by DJ Gala, while at 9.30pm it will be time for live performances, which will range from the Latin sound of the Pennabilli Social Club to the reggae of The Caribbean Delights, from the tribute to Janis Joplin by the Kozmic Band to rock and the blues of The Andy Macfarlane Two Man Orchestra. But there will also be space for decidedly swing sounds and atmospheres with the “San Giovanni Vintage Rebound – A window on the 20s” exhibition. It starts on June 21st, at 8pm, with performances of Lindy hop, jazz, blues and balboa dance from the Swing Road school. On Saturday 22 June from 5pm there will be an exhibition of vintage motorbikes by the Sport Club “Il Velocifero” and at 6pm the Nalis swing Live band will perform, while on Sunday 23 June, again at 6pm, the Michele Scucchia Swing concert is scheduled Trio, featuring Sara Ghtami. Finally, on Monday 24 June, from 7pm it will be possible to have a free swing dance trial, with the Swing Road dance school of Cesena. Every day: from 5.00 pm aperitif and snacks, with craft beer and cocktails in collaboration with Villa Crocetta

The Streets of the Magic Musicians and the music of Piazza Amendola

During the Fair the streets Fantaguzzi, Strinati, Righi and Albizzi are transformed into the Streets of the Magic Musicians. Here every evening, from 9pm onwards, street artists will be on stage. Acrobats, jugglers, illusionists, tightrope walkers, will perform surprising numbers, playing with fire, creating giant soap bubbles, dancing on stilts. But there will also be space for music, with concerts ranging from pop to Irish folklore to pizzica. Music will also be the protagonist in Piazza Amendola, which will be filled with notes every evening, ranging from Romagna ditties to DJ sets, on the initiative of the clubs Piadamendola, Baricentro and Quinto

Appointments with tradition

The night before Saint John’s Day has always been considered a magical night, with witches performing rites and spells. The event scheduled for Sunday 23 June, at 6pm, is linked to this tradition, when in Piazza Albizzi the “Witches of the Fair in San Zvan” will revive the rites, spells, magical herbs, traditions and superstitions of the magical night. On 23 and 24 June, at 8.30 pm, the Giostra di Cesena association will be in the spotlight, launching the 2024 edition of the tournament with a small historical procession in costume and an crier who will declaim the announcement of the joust through the streets of the Middle.

Spectacular appointments in the Cloister

Three events not to be missed at the cloister of San Francesco. On Saturday 22 June from 9.15pm Cesena will also celebrate the “Music Festival”, a European-wide event, thanks to the initiative organized by Chorus APS. It will be a musical marathon, curated by the bands of the “Chorus Institute Of Musical Arts” music school of San Giorgio di Cesena, with a repertoire that will range from classical to jazz, from pop to rock. The event is in collaboration with “AIdSM” (Italian Association of Music Schools). Entrance is free with reservations recommended by contacting 389 8945390 (secretariat of the Chorus music school). “Poets in San Giovanni” returns on Sunday 23 June from 9.15pm, a classic event promoted by “Campo della Stella”. The title of the 2024 edition is “Fiat lux! It is made by creation.” In the lineup readings by: Nevio Spadoni, Denis Presepi, Anna Tomassini. Music by Christian Ravaglioli. Gianfranco Lauretano hosts. Free admission. Finally, on Monday 24 June from 9.00 pm, “Happiness for dummies – Happiness for denied people” will be staged on the stage of the cloister of San Francesco, a monologue by Roberto Mercadini promoted by the Diocese of Cesena Sarsina, on the occasion of the Diocesan Family Day. Free entry.

And then…

During the Fair, the following exhibitions can also be visited in the evening: At the Gallery of the Palazzo del Ridotto “Love in the time of cholera. Rereadings” by Ugo Bertotti. Open to the public: Friday 21 June: from 4.30pm to 7.30pm/ Saturday 22 June, Sunday 23 and Monday 24 June: from 10.30am to 12.30pm and from 4.30pm to 10.00pm. At the Ex Pescheria Gallery “Illeggibili. Artist’s books” edited by Jessica Ferro

Open to the public: Friday 21 June: from 4.30pm to 7.30pm/Saturday 22 June, Sunday 23 and Monday 24 June: from 10.30am to 12.30pm and from 4.30pm to 10pm. In the temporary space of Via Carbonari, 14 the exhibition LIMEN|CONFINE|SOGLIA which welcomes the particular path followed by ten artists: Manuela Campana, Silvio Grilli, Sabina Negosanti, Giada Pazzaglia, Alessandro Ricchi, Alessandro Rossi, Vincenzo F. Stivala, Monia Strada , Mirella Tozzi and Claudio Turci, with the coordination of Anton Roca.

On Monday 24 June at 9.30 pm at the Arena San Biagio there is a screening of “Ho vide il finimondo”, a docufilm on the days of the flood in Cesena produced by QN – Il Resto del Carlino edited by Valerio Baroncini and Marco Sant’Angelo.

“The Refugee Days” will take place on 21 and 22 June. On Friday 21 June at 9.00 pm “The century is mobile” will be staged at the Eliseo cinema – a multimedia monologue “by” and “with” the journalist Gabriele del Grande. Saturday June 22nd from 7.00 pm, at the Cucine Populari “Dinner at the Cucine Populari”, delicacies from Italy and the world prepared by beneficiaries of the SAI project and by the volunteers of the popular kitchens. Conviviality, reciprocity and music with Jabel Kanuteh, poet, musician and storyteller from Gambia.

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