Aversa, Music Festival in the prison on 21 June


Aversa (Caserta) – The Music Festival, celebrated in Italy every year on 21 June, during the summer solstice, will also be held in the Aversa prison (formerly Opg). An appointment that has a strong re-educational value. In fact, offering prisoners opportunities to participate in cultural and artistic events not only enriches their personal background, but significantly contributes to their path to re-education and reintegration into society.

The event will be held on Friday 21 June, at 3pm, in the theater of the Norman structure of the Penitentiary Administration, located in via San Francesco 2. It is promoted in agreement between the Casmu association, chaired by Mario Guida, the National Review of the theater school “PulciNellaMente”, represented by the director Elpidio Iorio, the leaders of the prison, namely the director Stella Scialpi and the commander commissioner Francesca Acerra, the head of the pedagogical area Angelo Russo. It also makes use of the collaboration of the “Il Musicante” association of which Sossio Giordano is president.

Accompanying the shortlists in this exciting event will be the artists Matthew Lamberti (tenor), Sossio Giordano, Maryeva, Ciro Landi and maestro Lorenzo Savarese. Guests of the event, hosted by the talented writer Nicoletta Russo, will also be the beautiful “Miss over” Elena D’Errico and Dora lafullo. In conclusion, a special tasting of typical local products, in particular the “Polacca Dolcezza Aversana” offered by the Vitale brothers, owners of the “Pink House Caffè” in Aversa.

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