The Municipality of Caserta approves the 2023 final budget on 19 June, surplus of 71.5 million |


At the Municipality of Caserta, a Municipal Council will be held tomorrow, Wednesday 19 June 2024 at 12.30 pm, the only item on the agenda being the approval of the management report relating to the 2023 financial year (the final budget).

The document, according to Municipality sources, shows an administrative surplus of approximately 71.5 million euros.

As regards the parts set aside, the funds allocated to doubtful debts went from 32.5 million to 31.4 million, thanks to the results obtained in the recovery of the sums relating to Imu and Tasi.

As regards the Litigation Fund, last year the Administration had already increased it to a figure of 4.5 million, in 2023 it reached 9.7 million. This will guarantee greater solidity of the organization in the event of adverse rulings.

As a precaution, a fund for off-balance sheet debts amounting to 2.1 million was also created. A measure that aims to prevent budget balances from being undermined.

A fund has been established for the realignment of debt/credit balances with investee organizations (183 thousand euros), while 260 thousand euros have been set aside for the renewal of employee contracts.

As regards the restricted surplus, the total figure amounts to 26 million, of which 1.5 are dedicated to maintenance. The Multi-Year Restricted Fund (FPV) is 8.9 million.

Encouraging data also on the debt front, which went from 7% to 6.20%, also thanks to the work carried out by the Accounting Office, which dealt with approximately 10 thousand residual debts individually.

Revenue chapter: good data referring to Title I (Tari, Imu, Irpef). The revenues from the Belvedere di San Leucio were positive (186 thousand euros compared to a forecast of 116 thousand) and the data relating to non-tax revenues such as advertising and occupation of public land. As regards permits for access to ZTL (Limited Traffic Zones), revenues of 93 thousand euros were recorded, compared to a forecast of 75 thousand euros.

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