“Santopadre’s request has tripled”


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Guest on the show last night Oversbroadcast on Umbria TVthe businessman Claudio Sciurpa announced that today he will present, via PEC, a new offer for the acquisition of the majority stake in Perugia: “Following the restructuring of the debt with the revenue agency, the numbers have changed and the request has tripled. These are very high figures which I cannot say now but I will tell them. It’s certainly not a warranty issue. Tomorrow (today, ed.) we will send a new offer closer to Santopadre’s requests, to which we will give a couple more days to respond.

The guarantees? We go to the Notary, we transfer the shares and we give you what you need in cash, no problems with guarantees. We have a nice group of friends, the Antonini brothers, my friend Mauro Ricci, others who are willing to join but these three are enough to close the situation. Triulzi? He is a friend, a great Serie A agent, he gives us very important advice and could be very useful in having players with European passports.” Now the ball passes to Santopadre, who to be honest has always said he doesn’t want to stir up straw until the approval of the Court on the restructuring of the debt agreed with the Revenue Agency arrives.

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  • The “Supermarket Ancona” is already open. The shielded wolf
  • Spal, general manager chosen: it will be the former Parma e
  • DS Campobasso: “Bglia will be the coach, hunting for
  • Alcione, no agreement with striker Manuzzi: pressing
  • Cesena, the names for the bench: Mignani, Cannavaro, Semplici
  • Vicenza, new name for the midfield: Salvatore Aloi
  • Catania, Domenico Toscano is the new coach. The note from
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  • Spal, not just Casella: like DS, the shares of Spal are rising
  • Vicenza, Zamparo ever closer: two-year agreement


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