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Press conference to present Catania’s new coach, Domenico Toscano (for him, as anticipated, a two-year contract with an option for a third). President Pelligra, vice president Grella and sporting director Faggiano were present.

PELLIGRA. “We want to be sure that we only have experienced people with us, suitable for our project. Grella has carried out great work in this regard.”

TUSCAN. “I thank the management for the trust placed in me, it is an honor for me to be here. It will be a challenging year, I can promise hard work. There will be good and less good moments, we will have to be united. I found the desire to do important things, my motivation married with that of the club. A new adventure begins, I’m sure it will be full of satisfaction. We will have to transfer the sense of belonging onto the pitch. We want to be a competitive team. I’m always looking for new challenges, this one is very fascinating. This is not a Lega Pro club, but a high level one. When I came here I always saw the stadium vibrate.”

“Playing well for me means knowing what to do at all times. I like football made of intensity and rhythm, of one-on-one duels. You always have to be mentally ready. The ambition of the club and the enthusiasm of the people must be the cornerstones, which must be fueled every day. The fans must be able to identify with the team. I have been in contact with Faggiano for several days, we want to make as little mistakes as possible in our assessments. The priority is the man, then comes the player: a strong group is built like this.”

“I’m not looking back. What was done in Cesena will remain in history, now I’m thinking of Catania. The game system? The basis is the three-man defense, then we can have two midfielders, two attacking midfielders and a striker or an attacking midfielder and two strikers. Every time I won the championship I found a strong alchemy between the team and the environment. First of all we have to close the points gap from the first one suffered last season. The players must be from Catania, it doesn’t matter whether they are more or less young. There are no preclusions. So far we have only talked about characteristics with Faggiano, not names. The elements in the workforce? We are trying to understand who can be useful to the new project, not only technically but because they are driven by a desire for redemption. We are trying to shorten the group’s construction time.”

“Pressure is good, it gives adrenaline. I’m a southern man. Proud, I demand a lot from myself and others. I may appear gruff, but I am very approachable. I really believe in interacting with the players. If a player on the pitch walks an extra kilometer it’s because someone took care of him.”

STAFF. Michele assistant coach, Andrea Nocera athletic trainer, Angelo Porracchio goalkeeping trainer, Leo Vanzetto technical collaborator. Match analyst to be defined.

GRELLA. “We have hired a winning coach and a highly experienced sporting director. They were our first objectives and we achieved them both. We had an initial list, when discussing it we immediately focused on Toscano. He’s a winner. The club’s intentions are clear. Carra? He’s on vacation, he has another year on his contract. When he returns we will talk, he has had the opportunity to reflect on his position. Zeoli still has a contract, we are evaluating a solution with director Faggiano. Toscano’s arrival is not a step back to be on the safe side. Last year’s choices did not end well. The weight of responsibilities in Catania is different than in other places.”

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