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The chilling story is reminiscent of that of Alessia Pifferi, although in this case, it is not a child who dies of starvation but an elderly lady. A woman has indeed abandoned his 84 year old motherdisabled and not self-sufficient, then died after a few days, to go on holiday with children. In Montelibretti, in the province of Rome, the Carabinieri, at the end of a complex investigation coordinated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Tivoli, arrested a 49 year old woman.

THE carabinieri they had gone to the woman’s house to deliver a document, but no one responded. Suspicious of the smell coming from the apartment, they decided to investigate further. They then carried out a check of the perimeter of the house and found an open window which allowed them access.

Inside the soldiers found the corpse of the elderly woman, lying on the ground; only one sheet partially covered her. The medical examiner intervened on site and confirmed that the death of the elderly woman dates back to a few days earlier.

The investigations made it possible to immediately shed light on what happened, and to direct the investigations towards the daughter, cohabitant, responsible for caring for the elderlyon which they were collected serious circumstantial elements in relation to the fact that instead of looking after her, she had left the house to go on holiday in Abruzzo together with her two minor children, without providing due care to her mother, who was thus left to her own devices, without food or water and without any telephone mobile phone to be able to call for help.

The 49-year-old is accused of abandonment of an incapable person, a condition following which her elderly mother died. The 49-year-old was stopped by the Carabinieri of the Monterotondo Company and taken to the Rebibbia district house where the investigating judge of the Tivoli Court validated the arrest and ordered the measurement of the House arrest.

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