Maturity for almost three thousand students in the Ferrara area

“Let the young man be mature,
thanks to the absence of fear regarding the future”

It is with this quote from Epicurus (“Letter on happiness”) that the general director of the Emilia Romagna regional school office Bruno Di Palma wishes the best to the 35,683 students who begin their final exams with the first test. In Ferrara there are 2,821 of which 2,771 internal and 50 external divided between high schools (1,263), technical (907) and professional (651) who will take the Italian test on Wednesday 19th while the second test will be on Thursday 20th, the interview, as usual, will be scheduled in the following days.

Eight hundred and ninety-eight commissions in the region while 71 are those that will meet in Ferrara. Commissions made up of three internal and three external professors, 2694 in total, plus the external president.

“Dear students – writes Di Palma -, like every year we are approaching a fundamental moment for your studies and life: the final state exam of the second cycle of education. I am sure that you will face the trials that await you with the utmost commitment and with a great sense of responsibility.”

“I am aware – he adds – of the fact that you have invested a lot of time and energy to study with passion and arrive prepared for the tests, certain of being able to give your best”. He then recalls Giovanni Pascoli, “in inviting you to an ‘unusual gallop’ (‘But in the hours, shorter but slower, of study, between two books, which one knew too much and the other no longer knew anything, tired of our unusual gallop’ Canti di Castelvecchio – Giovanni Pascoli), to the so-called final rush that has always accompanied the days before the trials. Do not give up! Try to prepare yourself well before the famous ‘night before the exams’, a song that has now become the soundtrack of every student who has achieved this goal and which this year marks the fortieth anniversary of its release”.

However, Di Palma reminds us “that this is a moment of life, of your life, which will have many other opportunities and important moments, so don’t be overwhelmed by anxiety or tension. As someone said many years ago, ‘Exams never end.’”

He concludes, as he began, with Epicurus’ “Letter on Happiness”:

“No one is too young or too old for the well-being of the soul.” Work towards what can “give rise to happiness, because if it is present we have everything, if it is missing we do everything to obtain it”

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