FP CGIL: “Rehabilitation centre, the Region starts a useful process for citizens and workers”

FP CGIL: “Rehabilitation centre, the Region starts a useful process for citizens and workers”
FP CGIL: “Rehabilitation centre, the Region starts a useful process for citizens and workers”

BRINDISI – With Regional Law no. 21 of 30 May 2024 establishing the Regional Center for Public Hospital Rehabilitation of Ceglie Messapica, the Puglia Region has decided to internalize a strategic service by integrating it into the functional organization of the ASL of Brindisi.

A happy choice – declare Luigi Lonigro, General Secretary of the FPCGIL Puglia, and Luciano Quarta, General Secretary of the ASL Brindisi – which the CGIL had been fighting for some time to relaunch a Rehabilitation Center which with careful public management can reach levels of excellence both at a regional and national level.

The times to transition into public management, based on the law that came into force on June 3, are quite short.

For this reason we asked for a hearing in the III Council Commission of the Puglia Region – continues Luciano Quarta – to find out the times and procedures for the full implementation of the provisions of the legislation, starting from the transfer of all staff under the administration and management of the ASL Brindisi . We expect to be summoned by the President of the Third Commission shortly, given the importance of what the Regional Council itself has legislated.

It is clear that one of the first operations to be completed certainly concerns the determination of the staffing necessary to make the Regional Rehabilitation Center function at full capacity, guaranteeing standards and levels of quality and above all all the excellent services that the structure must guarantee to the users.

Since we don’t have to chase any economic profit – Lonigro and Quarta resume – certainly all the resources allocated by the Puglia Region to this Center can be directed towards the staff and the good functioning of the structure, for which we intend to ask for a specific meeting to be convened by the Management of the ASL Brindisi to find out how they are moving to implement the provisions of Law no. 21/2024 and what is being done for the transfer of staff from the previous ownership to the ASL, to which they recall the current CCNL of the health sector but also of the Area must be applied of Medical Management.

It is good to remember that no later than July 3rd – Lonigro and Quarta continue – the Region must proceed with the remodulation and assignment of beds, ensuring priority in the assignment (like other entirely public structures), until all available and suitable spaces are covered, precisely at the CRRiPOCeM (Centre Regional Public Rehabilitation Hospital of Ceglie Messapica), while the ASL Brindisi is called to adopt within 180 days of the entry into force of Law n.21/2024 (30 November 2024) a timely planning provision, with relative timetable, for the full functioning of the Center of Rehabilitation Excellence, also using new technologies: from telemonitoring to telemedicine, from robotics to artificial intelligence.



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