Salerno: great success for the inclusive musical “The Jungle Book”

The inclusive musical “The Jungle Book”, organized by Aps Musikattiva, the Prometeo 82 social cooperative and Aps Incantastorie, ended successfully. The initiative, sponsored by the Department of Social and Youth Policies of the Municipality of Salerno and by the S5 Area, was held on Monday 17 June at the Pala Silvestri in Matierno.

The show, the result of great teamwork between Third Sector bodies, saw the participation of over sixty children enrolled in the activities of the Multifunctional Centers of Matierno.

Mowgli’s story still speaks to adults and children today about values ​​and positive feelings, about freedom while respecting the rules, about education, about laws to respect and pitfalls to avoid, about honor, respect for the elderly and the extraordinary importance of bonds of friendship and brotherhood that lead the little “man cub” to make the right choices, to the point of becoming an example to follow.

The event opened with institutional greetings from:

Paola De Roberto (Councillor for Social and Youth Policies), Massimo Santoro (President of Aps Musikattiva), Filomena D’Alto (head of the Enzo Sacco Center – Prometeo 82), Lucia Giunto (President of Aps Incantastorie),

Thanks to:

Michela Ventre and Gabriele Bacco (theatre teachers);

Angela Santoro (singing and choir teacher);

Giuseppe Maiellano (piano teacher);

Massimo Santoro (guitar teacher);

Roberta Di Maio (Body Percussion teacher)

Emilio Melfi (drums teacher);

Chiara Siniscalchi (dance teacher);

Susanna Carierllo (guitar teacher)

Federico Fasulo (graphics, photographs and videomaking);

Alfredo Capozzi (Sound Engineer);

Carmine Del Regno and Antonio Piacentini (sound assistants);

The Pagano brothers (Service).

Special thanks go to Pala Silvestri for hosting the event, in particular to the Hippo Basket association and the Galdi family.

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