the 8 best restaurants to try

Guide to the best restaurants in Parma in 2024: taverns, wine bars with excellent cuisine and fine dining that fully represent the city’s gastronomy today. For all budgets.

To a stranger like me, Parma It presents itself as a city with two gastronomic souls. On the one hand there is the superficial, stereotyped one, made up of restaurants of the tradition now crystallized and immovable, defended with obstinacy even in the face of the right historical revisionism which, by a curious retaliation, takes its cue from the chair of History of Food at his university: stuffed pasta in quantities from the Bengodi district, butter anesthetics and Parmesan, anachronistic Lambruscos and a peculiar passion for Champagne, because we are still in the “little Paris”, sharing with the French capital the architecture and urban planning of Petitot and a “left bank” in the Oltretorrente.

And there is a less immediate Parma, which in some way defends itself from the tourism of the “UNESCO City of Gastronomy” but knows how and wants to welcome those who show they want to discover it. A small world of taverns, wine bars, shops and restaurants that take a secular approach to natural wine and have developed a new relationship with tradition made of comparison, evolution and passion for craftsmanship. In this gourmap you will find a walk that will make you discover the different facets of this fascinating Parma personality, with just a stop just outside the centre. A guide to best restaurants in ParmaToday.

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